Nobel Prize Official: It May Have Been a Mistake to Award Obama a Nobel Peace Prize

Do you remember 2009? It was an absurd year. The nation was filled with Obama-mania and the Dear Leader was above reproach. The streets were filled with mindless zombies wearing “hope” T-shirts and “yes, we can” and “change” was upon the lips of the idiot masses who believed socialism’s messiah had finally arrived.

To criticize the new president was verboten. The golden rule of not speaking politics in mixed company went out the window- surely everybody was on the same page: Barack Obama was our nation’s savior.

To solidify this sentiment, the Nobel Prize committee fell down to worship upon the alter of Obama and awarded the new president a Nobel Peace Prize after having been in office for a matter of mere days.

Now, one of the decision-makers for the Nobel committee admits: yeah, maybe that was a mistake.

Geir Lundestad, the former secretary of the committee, admits in a new book that President Obama fell short of the committee’s expectations and admits that the controversial move may not have been the best decision on the part of the committee.

Lundestad writes in “Secretary of Peace,” “Even many of Obama’s supporters thought the prize was a mistake,” Lundestad wrote, noting that many Americans took issue with the prize as it was seen as an effort to lure Obama away from prioritizing American interests in favor of serving as a advocate for the world.

“In that sense the committee did not achieve what it hoped for,” he wrote.

The award was seen as premature, but the committee defended the decision and noted that they awarded Obama the prize based on his declared vision of ridding the world of nuclear weapons- a task that quickly fell by the wayside as soon as he received the prize.

Despite his misgivings, Lundestad denies claims from the Norwegian media that he regrets his decision to back the unanimous five-member panel who awarded the prize.

Obama was awarded a prize not in recognition of his achievements, but because he possessed the possibility of promoting peace.

To offer an analogy, it would be like awarding a new Army recruit the Medal of Honor because he holds the possibility of one day doing something heroic. When we view it in this context, it’s clear that the prize has lost all meaning as it now serves not as a legitimate recognition of achievement, but as a tool for political worship.

Oh, and just to underscore this point, President Obama is now working to cement his “peaceful” legacy by enacting a deal with Iran- the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world- that would include unfreezing assets and lifting economic sanctions so that the despotic regime can heighten their financing of terrorist operations throughout the world.

That’s the change Obama brought…


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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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