#NoShowRubio’s Blatant Lie and Dirty Trick in his Continued Quest to Smear Ted Cruz [VIDEO]


Is Marco #NoShowRubio trying to change his clean cut, boy next door image to be that of a douchebag liar and opportunist? Because if that’s his goal, he is succeeding at it very well. (video below)

Rubio may want to also revisit the definition of “liar” since he calls Ted Cruz a liar every time Cruz brings up Rubio’s career-long history as a pro-amnesty supporter, rather than try to defend it while Rubio lies constantly about Ted Cruz on a variety of levels to try to cast a shadow of doubt on his integrity.

Here’s one.

On Monday, Ted Cruz requested the resignation of his communications director Rick Tyler after Tyler posted a video on his personal social media from the Daily Pennsylvanian. The video purported to show Rubio dissing the Bible to a Ted Cruz staffer. It turns out that the transcript of the video was inaccurately done to smear Rubio.

Rubio called for someone to be fired. Ted Cruz requested Tyler’s resignation and Tyler complied. The Rubio campaign then released a statement  about the entire event and used Cruz’s dismissal of Tyler as a way to attack Cruz.

And as if that was a bad enough douchebag move, then Rubio went on camera and accused the Ted Cruz campaign of “actively promoting” the video, though it was only one person associated with the campaign who posted it on his personal social media. He also accused the Cruz campaign of creating the video, doctoring it, and putting together the incorrect transcript.

All lies.

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WATCH: (article continues below video)

Does Marco Rubio have any degree of integrity left, or does he figure his Saul Alinsky-tactics against Ted Cruz are working, so he may as well ramp it up?

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