This is Not a Joke: Old Navy Honors Mothers on Father’s Day

The Left has worked to make men irrelevant in society and in the home. The rise of the “metrosexual” man culminated with “Pajama Boy” used by Barack Obama, described by Newsweek magazine as being the “first gay president,” to push Obamacare. With that image, America went from the quintessential rugged man along the lines of Ronald Reagan or John Wayne to a cocoa sipping dweeb in footie pajamas used in a major ad campaign.

Women have been told that men are not a necessary part of a household, and the Left’s progression towards a massive welfare state has helped push men out of the picture. Men who are still part of the family unit are typically the butt of jokes on a daily basis on television. They are portrayed on shows and in commercials as bumbling idiots who need their wives to come to their rescue. This Father’s Day, some “brilliant marketer” at Old Navy decided it would be a good idea run with this negative narrative and to contribute to the emasculation of men in the most offensive way.

For Father’s Day 2016, Old Navy featured in their stores and online a t-shirt that perhaps they thought could “go either way,” but the tribute to women is given top priority on the shirt.

See for yourself.


That’s right, dads. You don’t even get Father’s Day anymore as a day of appreciation for all you do. It’s HER day. Get it? Or maybe with the rise of the gaystapo folks in the LGBT ‘movement,’ they thought they’d celebrate “two mommies” and insult the traditional, biblical nuclear family of a mom and a dad.

Perhaps in today’s target rich environment in which men are ridiculed so much, Old Navy thought this would be a good idea. They were wrong. This shirt obviously didn’t go over the way Old Navy thought it would. The link to the shirt can no longer be accessed. Instead, viewers are met with a message of “technical difficulties.”


Shame on Old Navy for feeding the sad and sick narrative that men are not necessary in a child’s life. In one t-shirt, Old Navy depicted so much of what is wrong in our society today.

h/t Red State

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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