Not Surprising: Nervous Mexican Officials Blast Donald Trump’s Illegal Immigration Platform

It’s not merely the Republican establishment that is rooting against Donald Trump; every other nation who has, for too long, taken advantage of the United States is, surely, sweating as they eye the polls that consistently show Donald Trump in the lead for the 2016 Republican candidacy.

Though Trump could tumble from his lead, those who have long profited from American weakness should feel anxious as the tough-talking candidate has made it abundantly clear that he intends to put up with little diplomatic nonsense when dealing with trade agreements in the East and with illegal immigrants coming from Mexico, a nation who has not only tolerated the illegal migration from South and Central America to the U.S., but has actively promoted it.

Trump’s immigration plan has served as one of the primary hubs of his candidacy. The billionaire pledges to make it impossible to exist in America as an illegal immigrant and will force a migration back to their home countries. Trump has also pledged to take aim at the granting of birthright citizenship to the children of illegals.

Mexico’s Foreign Ministry has responded to Trump’s bold immigration plan by, unsurprisingly, accusing Trump of racism. The ministry claims that Mexico continues “to stand by our position that these comments reflect prejudice, racism or plain ignorance.”

“Anyone who understands the depth of the U.S.-Mexico relationship realizes that those proposals are not only prejudiced and absurd, but would be detrimental to the well-being of both societies,” the statement said.

Though Mexico postures as some sort of moral authority, the nation is ravaged by corruption and narcotics cartels and, perhaps most importantly, Mexico maintains some of the strictest anti-illegal immigration laws in the Western hemisphere.

But no, let’s pretend that America wanting to remain a sovereign country is, somehow, a racist idea.

Columnist Armando Fuentes Aguirre seethed with anger over the weekend as he blasted Trump and America for even entertaining the idea of a Trump presidency. “Donald Trump is one of these perverse specimens of whom humanity should feel ashamed,” Aguirre wrote.

However, Aguirre claimed that he did not expect Trump to receive the nomination nor be elected president.

“That would push the limits of indecency, and would set back several decades a country that despite all its flaws and defects has maintained its fight against racism and discrimination,” he writes.

There is still a long way to go before the primaries and an even longer way to go before the general. Whether Trump receives the nod or not, the fact remains that times are a-changin’ in terms of attitudes towards illegal immigration.

Trump’s hardline on the threat of illegal immigration has resonated deeply with much of the GOP base and even if the left and/or Mexico wishes to try and undermine it as plain old “racism,” the fact remains that Americans want our laws enforced and we want someone with guts to serve as our head of state.

Whether that is Trump or not remains to be seen; however, the Donald has moved the conversation to the right and Mexico is right to be nervous.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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