Now It’s Politically Incorrect to Criticize ISIS in CALIFORNIA!

California's Jerry "Governor Moonbeam" Brown (Commie-CA)

When I saw this story, I couldn’t believe it and thought it must be a hoax. But then I remembered how ridiculous, and in this case dangerous, the anti-free speech progressive left is and how political correctness and cultural Marxism have infiltrated virtually every aspect of society.

You see a lot of stories about the stupidity of political correctness, but this has to be a new low for leftists who worship at the alter at the false god of political correctness.

ISIS, formerly known as the “JV team” by our anti-Christian president, is a leading Islamic terrorist organization in the world, with a modus operandi of beheading any who refuse to convert to the intolerant religion of Islam.

They are a sworn enemy of America, our greatest ally Israel, and the enemy of freedom. Additionally, they aren’t the most tolerant from a “progressive” point of view, with a policy of beheading all homosexuals they come across, as well as treating women considerably worse than if they were dogs.

Yet in the leftist utopia of California, which has been run by far-left kooks for decades now, it is now considered offensive to have the words “NO ISIS” on a personalized license plate.

According to ABC 23, after a Bakersville, CA man ordered his “NO ISIS” personalized license plates, all was good and the plates were printed. When the man went to pick them up, however, the DMV clerk refused to give them to him.

Fortunately, the story ended well after the man reached out to California Assembly woman Shannon Grove, who, to her credit, came to the man’s defense and saw to it that the plate was issued.

“I was upset that he was a constituent that called, I wanted to make sure he got his product he paid for by the state. But I was even more upset that we had an individual at the DMV who took their personal preference to deny their right to have that plate,” said Grove, according to the ABC 23 report

What’s amazing about this story is that the clerk was so drunk on political correctness kool-aid, that he/she had no concern about offending the taxpaying American citizens, but apparently was very worried about offending a radical Islamic extremist and ISIS sympathizer.

It is unknown at this time whether the clerk was reprimanded in any way. It is also not clear whether the Obama Regime will invite the clerk to the White House for a job well done.


h/t:  Mad World News

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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