NY Times Ignores Video Outing Keith Ellison as Anti-Semitic

Muslim radical and Congressman Keith Ellison’s past is so extreme that it’s shocking that he’s not on a terrorist watch list. Instead, he’s being pushed by power brokers in the Democrat Party as the leading candidate to be the next chairman of the DNC.

Less than a week ago, we reported on a shocking video in which Keith Ellison was shown pushing the conspiracy theory that Jews were somehow behind the Islamic terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001. Ellison compared the terrorist attack to the “Reichstag fire” of 1933.

Those outlandish views are radical, extreme, hateful, unsubstantiated, of course, as well as anti-Semitic. But you didn’t see the leading member of the Democrat Media Complex (as the late great Andrew Breitbart called it), the New York Times report about it in the last week.

Instead, the “Old Gray Lady” has been running puff pieces about Keith Ellison’s bright prospects to be the next leader of the Democrat Party. A search of “Keith Ellison” over the past seven days shows these results from the New York Times — nothing about Ellison being associated with anti-American, pro-Islamic terrorist groups and/or Nation of Islam leader and notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, who for decades has spewed hate towards Jews and white people.

New York Times Keith Ellison

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Unless it’s buried deep within the bowels of the NY Times, the only piece resembling any discussion of Ellison’s ties to radical Islamism is this article with the headline, “A ‘Commission on Radical Islam Could Lead to a New McCarthy Era,” using the favorite whipping boy of progressive leftists, former Senator Joe McCarthy, who did a helluva a job smoking out communists (masquerading as Democrats, imagine that?) in the federal government — such a fabulous job that he became perhaps the most demonized political figure in American political history.

The point is that the New York Times, with all of their vast resources, has no interest in reporting on Ellison’s troubling ties, bigotry, racism and possible treason. “Nothing to see there, folks. Move along,” the Times seems to be telling viewers.

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Instead, they and the rest of leftist media are obsessed with invented racism that could be straight out of a “fake news” site that Senator Jeff Sessions  is now the defacto head of the new KKK if not worse. It’s the Democrat Party and the media’s (is there a difference?) orchestrated smear campaign against a conservative Republican.

The smears against Sessions are so severe, you’d almost think he was a real former leader of the Klan, like Robert “KKK” Byrd, who Democrats called the “conscience of the Senate” and someone who Hillary Clinton called her mentor.

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Matthew K. Burke
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