Obama Regime Asks Homosexuals to Take Selfies at the Gym to Promote Obamacare

The Obama Regime, from the beginning, has maintained a remarkably adversarial relationship with Americans. From utilizing the IRS to squash political dissent to issuing executive orders in clear violation of our Constitution, President Obama and his administration have abused the American people in a way that makes King George III look kind by comparison.

When it comes to Obamacare, however, the Obama Regime relies heavily upon Americans to convey their message. Despite pulling every shady maneuver to help pass the disastrous healthcare overhaul and despite repeatedly lying to Americans about costs and whether they can keep their healthcare plans, the Obama Regime still relies upon the ignorant masses to spread the word about the flailing healthcare system that becomes more and more unsustainable each and every day.

Now, they’re partnering with the homosexual community to try and encourage enrollment by asking homosexuals to take selfies while at the gym in order to promote Obamacare.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced Tuesday that they were partnering with several LGBT groups.

“As part of LGBT Week of Action from Dec. 7 – 11, Out2Enroll and other organizations will hold enrollment activities and provide in-person assistance across the country,” the department said. “Additionally, partners will leverage social media campaigns to ask their members and affiliates to sign up for an affordable health plan for 2016 through the Health Insurance Marketplace.”

Already, the group has sought to make the whole endeavor crude with a Facebook post with homosexuals at the gym and the words, “We’ve showed [sic] you ours, now you show us yours.”

The group’s Facebook post also reads,

“Join The White House, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and our friends -Colby Melvin, R.J. Aguiar, Jack Mackenroth – in sharing a #HealthySelfie,” the caption read. “Show that we take #PrideInOurHealth! And #GetCovered #StayCovered so that you can#BeOutBeHealthy!”

Sylvia Burwell, the Health and Human Services secretary, celebrated the relationship with Out2Enroll.

“This administration has made historic progress for the LGBT community, ensuring that people cannot be denied health coverage because of their gender identity, sexual orientation, or pre-existing conditions,” she said. “We are proud to continue that progress and work with our national partners to give more LGBT Americans and their families access to quality, affordable health coverage.”

Out2Enroll was created in 2013 as a means of promoting the new law that jeopardizes millions of lives and our entire economy.

“During Open Enrollment, Out2Enroll will support in-person events across the country by participating in local LGBT Prides and town halls, providing LGBT-specific enrollment materials to partners, and hosting administration surrogates,” the agency said. “Out2Enroll will also continue to provide in-person and online training sessions on LGBT cultural competency and enrollment issues for assisters, including Navigators, Certified Application Counselors (CACs), and agents/brokers.”

Kellan Baker, a committee member for Out2enroll and a fellow at the Center for American Progress asserted that healthcare is an LGBT issue.

“Health is an LGBT equality issue—we all deserve to be healthy and to get the help we need to protect ourselves and our families. Our community has seen historic changes this year, such as marriage equality and new nationwide nondiscrimination protections for LGBT people in health care.”

“By taking advantage of the financial help that’s available and getting covered by December 15th, we can all make sure that we’re able to celebrate these advances for years to come,” he said.

What Baker does not mention, however, is that this “help” is actually redistributed taxpayer money in the form of subsidies.

Hopefully, someday soon, America’s sojourn into the world of socialized medicine will be but a bad memory and the ridiculous PR efforts on behalf of the failing system will be but an absurd footnote in the stumble towards regaining a top-rate healthcare system.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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