Obama Admin Hires First Transgender Staffer, Promptly Begin Patting Themselves on the Back

In late June, as many Americans mourned the adulteration of the definition of marriage by judicial activists masquerading as Supreme Court justices, the Obama Administration rubbed salt in the fresh wound by turning the White House- the people’s house- into a pride flag by shining rainbow lights onto the façade of the executive mansion.

To further showcase their commitment to social progressivism, the Obama Administration has hired their first transgender staff member.

On Tuesday, the White House announced that they had appointed Raphael Freedman-Gurspan to a post as the Outreach and Recruitment Director for Presidential Personnel in the White House Office of Presidential Personnel.

Freedman-Gurspan, a man who identifies as a woman and who goes by “Raffi,” was previously a policy adviser for the National Center for Transgender Equality’s racial and economic justice initiative.

White House adviser Valerie Jarrett hailed the hiring as a step towards social progress and claimed,

“Raffi Freedman-Gurspan demonstrates the kind of leadership this Administration champions.”

“Her commitment to bettering the lives of transgender Americans, particularly transgender people of color and those in poverty, reflects the values of this Administration.”

Mara Kiesling, the executive director of National Center of Transgender Equality, was delighted about the appointment and praised the Obama Administration, saying,

“President Obama has long said he wants his Administration to look like the American people. I have understood this to include transgender Americans,” said Kiesling.

“A transgender person was inevitably going to work in the White House. That the first transgender appointee is a transgender woman of color is itself significant.”

It very well may be that Freedman-Gurspan is qualified for the job. However, the praise being lavished upon him almost entirely centers on what his appointment means in terms of so-called social justice. While media outlets have detailed how Freedman-Gurspan has bounced from various transgender-centric positions in recent years, few outlets seem to explain what professional skills he possesses that prompted the Obama Administration to hire the confused young man. Instead, the conversation does not center on a discussion of professional merit, but upon lavishing praise on a man for having the courage to succumb to delusion.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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