Obama Admin ‘Unsure’ if Iran Funding Terrorism with Nuke Deal Money

The Iran deal will go down in history in the same chapter as the Munich Agreement. The scrap of paper that binds the United States to support the tyrannical Islamic regime is virtually unenforceable on the Iranian end of the deal. In exchange for freeing-up hundreds-of-billions of dollars in economic sanctions relief for Iran and direct payouts from American taxpayers, the Iranian regime has merely promised to slow their progress towards a nuclear weapon and reduce their radioactive stockpiles.

However, the deal makes no provision for impromptu inspections to ensure compliance, despite the fact that the Obama Administration has maintained that such a provision was key.

Now, the Obama Administration reveals that they have no clue as to whether or not the fanatical regime that swears a duty to annihilate Israel has been using money from the deal to finance terrorism.

Iran has been granted access to roughly $3 billion in unfrozen assets since the deal took effect. In the coming months, Iran will gain access to another $50 to $55 billion.

However, State Department Spokesman John Kirby has claimed that the administration simply has no idea whether or not the regime is using the money to finance terrorism- an expense that the Islamic regime has long prioritized.

“We don’t know,” Kirby claimed in response to a question as to whether the Iranians are financing terrorism with this new money. “We don’t know. We don’t have a way.”

“The $3 billion is an estimate at best—we don’t have perfect knowledge of what has actually been freed up for them, and we don’t have perfect knowledge of how every dollar of that is going to be spent,” he said. “And we stand by what the secretary [of state] said, that it’s entirely possible that they can use some of this funding to support terrorist networks.”

In summary: the Obama Administration worked behind the scenes to grovel and secure a disastrous deal with a despotic nation who swears it is their duty to annihilate Western powers and Israel. A cowardly Congress granted Obama power to make this one-sided deal a reality and in the aftermath, the people who forced the deal now say that they have no clue as to whether or not this deal is aiding in the death and destruction of innocent people.

Worse yet, the administration is also working with other countries to help them free-up frozen assets for the Iranian regime.

“We continue to work with and consult with banking and business institutions here at home and overseas to explain to them how this sanctions relief process is supposed to work,” Kirby said. “We actually have officials that are, you know, on the road, actually, making, you know, trying to inform and educate people around the world on how this is supposed to work.”

To help with Iran’s economy, the Obama Administration has been pressuring Western nations to drop any and all sanctions remaining to allow Western companies to resume doing business with Iran.

There was a time when this kind of thing would have been called treason or, at the very least, aiding in terrorist enterprises.

Today, we call it Obama’s brand of foreign policy “leadership.”


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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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