TREASON: Obama Admin’s Latest Move to Provide BILLIONS for Iran

In the U.S., those accused of crimes frequently have their assets frozen as a means of prohibiting suspects of using such assets to provide for a defense. Without ever having been found guilty of a crime, American citizens must justify their accounts to authorities or else lose it all.

However, for Iran, we’re willing to move Heaven and Earth to get them their money so that they may continue to finance terrorism.

The Obama Administration crusaded tirelessly for the Iran nuclear deal which infused the despotic rogue state with $150 billion in economic sanctions relief. The Obama Administration also agreed to throw-in $1.7 billion in American tax dollars as a bonus for reparations.

As if that was not enough, the Obama Administration is currently rewriting regulations to allow Iran to access billions in frozen assets.

Thomas Shannon, the State Department’s undersecretary for political affairs, testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday:

“There will be instances in which we need to help Iran access that money by clarifying the regulations under which money can be transferred to them.”

“We have found that as Iran seeks those funds there are banks that are unclear about the nature of the regulatory structures and what sanctions have been lifted and what have not,” Shannon said. “[The Obama Administration] believes that it is in our national interests to ensure the commitments we made are being followed through on. This is part of a larger engagement we’ve had with the Iranians on different aspects of our commitments.”

Georgie Republican Sen. David Perdue questioned if this money is likely to be used to fund terrorist operations.

“In regard to whether or not Iran continues to fund terrorist related activities or destabilizing active in the region, there’s no doubt that’s true and we’re seeing it, whether its in Syria, whether its in Lebanon and Hezbollah, whether its in Yemen with what they’re doing with the Houthi rebels.”

In March, the U.S. Navy seized a shipment of Iranian weapons that were en route to Yemen to aid Houthi rebels, terrorist forces opposed to a U.S.-supported, Suadi-led coalition.

The Iran deal has been blasted by national security and foreign policy experts for doing essentially nothing for the U.S. while providing substantial advantages for the despotic state sponsor of terrorism.

It essentially offered hundreds-of-billions of dollars in economic relief in the form of sanctions reductions in exchange for an unenforceable promise from Tehran to slow their progress towards development of a nuclear weapon and a reduction in atomic stockpiles.

However, as the deal does not include a provision for impromptu inspections from international authorities, the promise from Iran is meaningless and unenforceable. Meanwhile, the U.S. forks-over substantial money and access economic opportunities for the regime that has promised destruction of the West and Israel.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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