Obama Betraying Even DEMOCRAT Governors, REFUSING to Share Fed Info on Syrian Refugees

Though Paris remains in a state of shock after last week’s terrorist attacks, President Obama is still moving forward with his plan to admit 10,000 or more Syrian refugees into the United States. The move has sparked controversy as the Paris attacks highlight the dangers of welcoming an influx of Muslims into a Western country while engaged in a war with adherents of radical Islam.

A whopping 27 governors have already pledged to bar entrance for the refugees to their state, citing safety concerns. Though many governors have made no such declaration, the Obama Administration has given these governors a slap in the face as the White House refuses to give information on the incoming refugees to governors.

California Democrat Governor Jerry Brown has stood by the decision to admit the unknown Syrians into his state, but requested information on the refugees. The Obama Administration, an administration that promised to serve as the “most transparent” presidential administration ever, has refused to divulge the collected information to individual states.

In short: the federal government insists that it is the duty of these states to accept tens-of-thousands of potential terrorists who have not and cannot be properly vetted, but the same federal government will not share what little they know about the immigrants from Syria that is ravaged by ISIS and other factions of radical Islam.

Bloomberg View offered an uncharacteristically-fair assessment of the situation:

Brown said he favored continuing to admit Syrian refugees but wanted the federal government to hand over information that would allow states to keep track of them, the GOP state official said.

McDonough responded to Brown that there was currently no process in place to give states such information and the administration saw no reason to change the status quo. The non-governmental organizations that help resettle the refugees would have such information.

Brown countered by noting that state law enforcement agencies have active investigations into suspected radicals and that information about incoming Syrian refugees could help maintain their awareness about potential radicalization. He suggested the U.S. had to adjust the way it operates in light of the Paris attacks.

Twitchy added:

Why wouldn’t the White House share this information?

As we reported yesterday, President Obama accused the GOP of acting as a “potent recruiting tool” for ISIS over similar rhetoric. Will he now attack his buddy in California for saying the same thing? (We know the answer.)

At a time when ISIS is ravaging the Middle East, gaining strength and orchestrating attacks in Western countries, the Obama Administration is not only pushing-forward with plans to admit tens-of-thousands of unknowns into the American mainland, but is actually demonizing those who oppose his rhetoric. When a compliant governor asked for a modicum of information on the supposedly-vetted Syrian refugees, the “most transparent administration in history” was unwilling to comply with even this sensible request.

This news comes on the very day that eight ISIS members were arrested in Turkey while attempting to masquerade as Syrian refugees to gain access to Western Europe.

Hours later, five ISIS members were arrested with stolen Greek passports in Honduras as they attempted to gain entry to the United States. A passport found by the body of one of the Paris attackers was a stolen Greek passport.

Still, the Obama Administration maintains that those who oppose this policy of accepting Syrian refugees are behaving ignorantly and serve as a “recruiting tool” for ISIS.

If we are to believe that actions indicate motivations, it would seem that the motivation behind the Obama Administration’s series of decisions is to facilitate an attack on America. As far-fetched as it sounds, there can be no other rational explanation for the sequence of decisions.

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