Obama DOJ Blocked Probe into Clinton ‘Crime Family’ Foundation

Last month, FBI Director James Comey declined to answer whether the Clinton Foundation was the subject of an investigation as part of the ongoing EmailGate scandal when he announced that the agency would not recommend an indictment against Hillary Clinton to the Obama Department of Justice.

Therefore, there was no indictment, of course, leaving millions of Americans outraged that Hillary Clinton is not subject to the same laws the rest of us are, especially considering that many have been prosecuted for much less than her reckless and illegal government email arrangement.

But if you think that Hillary Clinton has received preferential treatment and is not subject to the rule of law, the matter just got a heckuva lot worse.

In a blockbuster report on Wednesday, we now know that there is a very good reason why Comey refused to answer the question about the “Clinton Crime Family Foundation,” which is revealed to be nothing more than an elaborate pay for play scheme.

CNN reports that the FBI requested that the Obama Department of Justice, led by “Eric-Holder-in-a-skirt,” Loretta Lynch, open an investigation into the Clinton Foundation based on corruption while Hillary Clinton was Obama’s secretary of state.

She declined.

This could mean that even if the FBI had recommended that the DOJ indict Hillary Clinton over EmailGate, that Loretta Lynch might have denied the request.

Lynch’s refusal to investigate falls on the heels of a new batch of emails being released by Judicial Watch on Tuesday which show donors to the Clinton Foundation placing demands on the U.S. State Department while Hillary Clinton was the Obama Regime’s secretary of state.

Bloomberg, not exactly part of what Hillary Clinton has referred to as the “vast right-wing conspiracy,” reported on one of these highly damning emails:

Newly released e-mails from a top aide to Hillary Clinton show evidence of contacts between Clinton’s State Department and donors to her family foundation and political campaigns.

The e-mails released Tuesday by the conservative group Judicial Watch included a 2009 exchange in which Doug Band, a senior staff member at the Clinton Foundation, told a top Clinton aide at the State Department that it was “important to take care of” an individual, whose name was redacted.

Huma Abedin, the State Department aide, replied that “personnel has been sending him options.”

The key phrase here is “important to take care of.” So you have the U.S. State Department “taking care of” the Clintons’ big donor cronies? And the Department of Justice seemingly says that there’s nothing to see here?

These 44 emails were written after March 18, 2009, meaning that Hillary Clinton lied when she insisted that she didn’t use her rogue email server arrangement after that date.

Hillary Clinton has indicated that she may keep Lynch on as head of the Department of Injustice in a Clinton Administration, which paints another layer of suspicion over Lynch’s suspicious decision. Last month, Donald Trump called the announcement by Clinton a “bribe.”

He may not be too far off.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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