Obama EPA Eco-Tyrant Gina McCarthy Gets Obliterated Over Naked Hypocrisy

Eco-tyrant and Obama EPA head Gina McCarthy, who just may get impeached because of barefaced and shameless multiple lies told under oath to congressional committees, got exposed as the hypocrite she is on Wednesday.

The Obama Regime apparatchik got grilled by Republican Senator Dan Sullivan from Alaska over the tragic, irresponsible and massive 3 million gallon chemical spill caused by the rogue Obama EPA, a grotesque environmental atrocity that turned the Animas and San Juan Rivers in Colorado into something resembling orange juice mixed with mustard.

In response to Gina McCarthy telling friendly government-funded NPR last month that she and her anti-economic freedom bureaucracy were taking “full responsibility” for the tragedy, Sen. Dan Sullivan ripped her for exhibiting an unbelievable amount of hypocrisy, wondering if she is going to punish herself like she would if a private American citizen or business had committed the crime against the environment and nature, pointing out that the controlist agency had put Americans in jail for much, much less.

The Blaze reported that McCarthy actually had the gall to argue that she hadn’t violated the law:

“If you’re going to hold your agency to a higher standard than the private sector, you need to be aware of what your agency has done in the past,” Sullivan said, citing other cases where the EPA has taken action against private businesses.

“Your agency has sent some people to jail,” Sullivan said.

“Your agency has criminally charged individuals for spills less than what your agency did,” Sullivan said.

McCarthy said that she is still waiting on the independent review of what happened at the mine and the efforts afterward, but added that if no order was violated, then there would likely be no penalties.

Sullivan asked McCarthy what would happen if a private company “was continually violating the law the way the EPA does.”

McCarthy said she didn’t believe the EPA was violating the law.

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You can be guaranteed that the corrupt eco-tyrant would be singing a different tune if a private citizen or business would have caused the chemical spill.

The only environment the out of control Gina McCarthy should be concerned about right now is the one in federal prison behind bars, where she can enjoy the taste of her own medicine.

But then again, that will never happen since justice isn’t exactly blind under the Obama Regime.



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Matthew K. Burke
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