Obama had 102 Offices in Florida, Romney had 40; Guess How Many Trump Has

When the Donald Trump campaign defends his status as the GOP presidential nominee amid criticism of his liberal leanings, one of their go-to arguments is that he won more votes, over 13 million, in the primary than any other Republican candidate in history. One point they fail to mention is that he also got more free press than any of the other Republican presidential candidates, over $2 billion to be exact. But that’s not the major issue of concern for the general election.

What should concern Trump supporters as we head into the general election is the lack of ground game that Donald Trump has put together for the general election. For example, in the swing state of Florida, which many consider a must-win in order to win the general, the number of field offices set up by the Trump campaign is beyond troubling.

Let’s put it in perspective. For his re-election bid in 2012, Barack Obama had 102 offices in Florida. Mitt Romney had 40 offices. Donald Trump, as of today, just over two months before the election, has one field office in Florida.

Yes, you read that correctly. Donald Trump has ONE office in the entire state of Florida.

The general election will be very different from the primary. Although Trump won over 13 million votes, he will need at least four times that much if he hopes to win in November. Mitt Romney lost the general although he received 60 million votes. A lack of a ground game will mean an inability to get out the vote in the weeks leading up to and on election day.

If this is about winning and not about, as conservative radio host Steve Deace has speculated, starting an alt-right media empire, then Trump has work to do and a lot of infrastructure to put in place. He can’t just sit back and rely on his cult of personality to turn out more than 60 million people to win.

h/t The Right Scoop

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Jennifer Burke
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