Obama Ignores D-Day Entirely; Hosts Denver Broncos at White House

72 years ago today, young men from all over the globe came together to help save the world. We are so distanced from this event that we sometimes take for granted the long-lasting effects of these heroes and this day, D-Day.

Our news cycle is filled with whiners complaining about “microaggressions” and other truly trivial gripes. Bernie and Hillary coddle a generation, insisting that “kids” in their twenties are entitled to “free” education and other governmental goodies.

They forget that once not too long ago, teenagers with rifles stormed beaches and dropped from the skies to risk their lives to save millions from oppression- millions of foreign citizens whom they had never met.

How do we honor these heroes? If you’re Barack Obama, you don’t. You proudly display your disdain for America and her heroes.

President Obama ignored D-Day on Monday. He offered no solemn remembrances. Just weeks after visiting Hiroshima (an act that could be seen as an apology of sorts), America’s most anti-American president stayed quiet about the Invasion of Normandy.

He did, however, invite the Denver Broncos to the White House to get in some chuckles and photo-ops.

Yes- Obama did not have the time to remember the heroics of D-Day, but did have time to talk football with the Super Bowl champs.

Former sports commentator Curt Schilling summarized the snub best, saying on Facebook, (WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE)

I’m now 100% convinced the President has absolutely zero concern with public opinion OR he’s subliminally telling us all to fuck off. On June 6th, 2016, the anniversary of the greatest invasion mankind has ever known, headed by our Greatest Generation, this ass invited the Denver Broncos to the White House. Screw logistics, you’re the president, you get what you want when you want it, this is again an intentional slight at our past, what an asshole. It pains me to say things like that about our President but he clearly doesn’t give a shit.

Obama did post a May 9th, 2016, video of him meeting with Army Ranger Cory Remsburg, a wounded Iraq War veteran. While this gesture may be better than nothing, it’s not much better as the video does not entail anything regarding D-Day.

Further, while Obama may be happy to pose for a photo-op with a wounded soldier, he has done nothing to help improve the treatment of millions of vets who are suffering and dying thanks to the VA’s mismanagement that Obama refuses to address.

If actions indicate belief systems, it’s safe to say that President Obama hates America at his very core.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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