Obama Invokes Chris Rock to Justify his Spending Spree ‘Budget Deal’

In the dark hours of the night, the Senate passed a budget deal that would give Barack Obama an unlimited spending ability. Though they are calling it a budget deal, the fact remains that there is no budget. A budget would imply that there was a monetary threshold and a maximum amount of money available to spend. Such is not the case for this faux ‘budget deal.’

The Republican-controlled House and Senate both passed a deal that gives Obama, as Texas Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz described it, a diamond encrusted, glow-in-the-dark American Express card. The sky’s the limit for spending during Obama’s final year as resident and during the first year of whomever is elected as president in November 2016. Like clockwork, Obama was quick to gloat and mock the GOP who just gave him a big fat Christmas gift, and he quoted Chris Rock to do it.

Obama somehow believes that his addiction to spending and desire to have an unlimited amount of money to spend is somehow equal to taking care of your children, again making himself out to be the father to everyone in the country. Since it was Chris Rock who described Obama as the country’s daddy, perhaps it’s fitting that Obama would quote the foul-mouthed comedian.

During a Democrat Congressional Committee Dinner on Monday in New York, Obama said, “I wish John Boehner hadn’t waited until he was leaving to decide to work with us on this, but I want to give credit where credit is due.”

As he shared his plans to take in a Chris Rock show, he added, “I am reminded, because I think I’m going to see Chris Rock over at the event we’re doing in Hamilton, of Chris Rock’s standup concert. Now, I can’t quote him directly because it’s not family-friendly.”

Of course, the sycophants in the room, according to reports, broke out in laughter. Eating it up, Obama continued, “But there’s a whole sequence where he starts talking about guys bragging about doing things they’re supposed to do anyway. It’s like, ‘I take care of my kids.’ I mean, you’re supposed to take care of your kids.”

Obama then said, “There is an element of a low bar of passing a budget and making sure the full faith and credit of the United States of America is sustained.”

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Again, Obama, this is not a budget. This is a spending spree, and using your logic someone who ‘takes care of their kids’ would not leave them with out of control debt.

Ironically, and better yet hypocritically, Obama then continued his comedic act and took a swing at Republicans for complaining about the character assassination disguised as a debate on CNBC. In addressing GOP presidential candidates criticizing his despotic presidency and stating they would make better presidents,  Obama showed just how hypocritical and classless he is when he said, “And then, it turns out they can’t handle a bunch of CNBC moderators at a debate!”

Perhaps that is Obama actually projecting since he is known for having an incredibly thin skin and fragile ego to go along with his narcissism.

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