Obama Just Hit a New Desperate Low in Pushing His Crazy Iran Deal; Look at This Ridiculous Tweet

Barack Obama has taken his Twitter foreign policy efforts to an entirely new and embarrassingly low level, and the subject of this latest fiasco is none other than his Iran Deal. Yeah, the Iran Deal. With his Iran Deal, Barack Obama clearly demonstrates that he is unconcerned about the safety of America and the world.

According to Democrat Senator Bob Menendez, the deal does not end Iran’s nuclear program. Instead, it actually preserves it. He added, while appearing on MSNBC. “And in time, they will have the option if they choose to ultimately move towards a nuclear weapon and our choices then will even be more limited than they are today.” Yet Obama attacks those who disagree with the deal, ironically comparing them to those in Iran who chant “Death to America.”

Obama so desperately wants to push the Iran Deal, and drum up support for it, that the Obama White House set up a Twitter account specifically for it. Yes, the Iran Deal has it’s own propaganda arm on Twitter.

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Despite the seriousness and controversy of this deal, Barack Obama and his team did what they very often do. In an attempt to appeal to millenial voters, they are relying on pushing how “cool and hip” Obama, coupling that with lies, half-truths, and attacks, rather than relying on truth and substance of message. Obama saw fit to use the new hit movie “Straight Outta Compton” to spread his propaganda about the Iran Deal in a way that shows just he fails to see the seriousness of this matter, or rather wants his supporters to not get the seriousness.

Epic fail, Obama, and so unbecoming of the Office of the Presidency. But Obama is so desperate to be seen as cool and take advantage of pop culture, that this juvenile tweet was retweeted by the official White House account. The Twitterverse let him know just how uncouth, tacky, and ridiculous this tweet was.

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Two tweets by Twitter user Cameron Gray perhaps summed up Obama’s juvenile approach to the Iran Deal, as well as tied in the corruption of the current Democrat frontrunner in the 2016 presidential race, Hillary Clinton.


This latest Twitter nonsense by Barack Obama and his team are a sad indication of how, after six and a half years in office, Obama is still not qualified to be president.

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