Obama Goes Limp-Wristed in Communist Cuba…Literally [VIDEO]

America's limp-wristed president yucking it up with communist tyrant Raul Castro in Cuba, Mar. 21, 2016

Many have called out Obama as being a “weak” president. I strongly disagree. Obama has been like a third-world dictator — a banana republic strongman — at home, treating citizens like subjects, ruling over them with royal edicts from on high, unconstitutionally making and changing laws based upon his lofty whims, enabled by Republican party leadership that is as worthless as tits on a boar hog.

However, as abroad, at least to communist tyrants, at least to enemies of freedom and enemies of America, Obama is an extreme mollycoddler, reaching his hand out or in the case of his appearance in communist Cuba on Tuesday, holding up his literal limp-wrist, the ultimate sign of weakness, to Cuban despotic oppressor, Raul Castro.

Check this out, an absolute embarrassment to America and Americans. This shameful “man” has turned America into a complete laughingstock. It’s no wonder that some Americans have been drawn to another authoritarian-type, bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor, Donald Trump, who despite his deplorable behavior and disregard for truth, at least isn’t limp-wristed.

Earlier in the day, our dear leader had another infuriating optic, taking a picture with fellow commies under the backdrop of a large wall mural of the chief executioner for the Castro brothers in the 1960s, Che Guevara, a mass murderer who is no less, a folk hero of progressive leftist Democrats.

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Obama is evil, but he’s not stupid. He’s not weak, he’s playing on the wrong team.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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