Obama Goes Full-On ShamWow Pitchman in New Obamacare Propaganda Video

Smack dab in the face of unnecessarily skyrocketing health care insurance premiums and soaring deductibles co-pays, Barack Obama again showed America why he’s viewed by many as a pathological liar and con man who will say anything to push his Marxist anti-American agenda.

Despite his lies and leftism devastating the Democrat Party the past eight years, Obama is doubling down with new Obamacare lies spewed in an odd propaganda infomercial released on Wednesday.

Amazingly, Obama sounding much like a ShamWow infomercial pitchman, claims that “most people” will only have to pay “less than your cellphone bill,” a premium of just $75 per month.

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Obama is no doubt “Grubering” the American people — again — lying to their faces as if people will believe him over the real-world sticker shock they are painfully experiencing because of his progressive radicalism.

Obama promised Obamacare would allow you to keep your doctor, keep your current insurance plan, and that the average family would see a reduction in premiums of $2,500 per month. It was all lies.

But his deep-rooted narcissism won’t stop him from thinking if he tells enough lies — and if they’re big enough — people will eventually believe him.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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