Obama Officials Seeking to ‘Thaw Relations’ with Venezuelan Tyrants by Meeting with Cocaine Kingpin


The Obama Administration is strange in their application of pressure. While President Obama saves his harshest words and actions for Republicans who oppose him here in America, Obama holds few reservations about cozying to some of the world’s greatest threats to liberty

While coddling Iran to try and persuade them to not develop nuclear weapons to attempt to destroy the Western world, Obama has remains hostile to Israeli interests and tensions remain high between Obama and Israel, our strongest ally in the Middle East.

The Obama Administration has also worked to try and undo 50+ years of progress by lessening diplomatic pressure on the totalitarian Castro regime in Cuba and now, according to recent reports, the Obama Administration has even been meeting with despotic leaders from Venezuela, a regime that has become notorious for the brutal suppression of political dissent.

Diosdado Cabello, the tyrannical head of the Venezuelan National Assembly who is often regarded as Venezuela’s second most powerful man, met with U.S. State Department Counselor Thomas Shannon in Haiti on Saturday.

According to Cabello, the meeting was “aimed at normalizing diplomatic relations with respect to international law, sovereignty and self-determination of people.” The National Assembly stated that the meeting would “represent an important step towards full restoration of relations between the countries.”

Besides serving as the despotic iron fist of the National Assembly, Cabello is largely reported to serve as one of the area’s top cocaine traffickers in a political climate where criminal and politician can go hand-in-hand.

The Venezuela Awareness Foundation, a human rights organization, voiced deep concern over the willingness of the Obama Administration to try and “normalize” relations with the oppressive regime.

“It is extremely serious that an envoy sent by the Obama administration met in private with Maduro’s envoy, Diosdado Cabello, who faces charges in a New York court for allegedly leading a drug cartel in Venezuela,” the foundation notes.

Shannon’s meeting has also created palpable outrage within the Venezuelan community– many of whom are political exiles who have fled the despotic rule.

“This is an outrage. How can the State Department meet with a man who is a top-wanted criminal by the DEA? What kind of contradiction is this? And how does one sanction a government one month, and meet with it the next?” questioned Gabriela Meinhardt, a Venezuelan political exile.

The move was also met with stark condemnation from Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who blasted the “bizarre” message created by the meeting in a statement:

“By meeting with the Venezuelan regime’s most corrupt official, who also happens to be under investigation as a drug kingpin, the Obama Administration is sending a bizarre and confusing message to the Venezuelan people as well as U.S. prosecutors investigating him. Instead of legitimizing Diosdado Cabello, the Obama Administration should implement sanctions against him for his key role in human rights violations, as it continues its drug trafficking investigation.”

“These mixed messages from the Obama Administration are especially appalling at a time when Leopoldo Lopez and other brave Venezuelan political prisoners are waging a hunger strike against the regime of Nicolas Maduro ‎for its ongoing violations of human rights,” the statement continues.

Though handling difficult regimes is in the president’s job description, what does it say about a leader who treats his nation’s friends as enemies and the enemies of liberty as his friends?

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Greg Campbell
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