Obama Regime Pressed About Lighting White House Blue; Response is an Outrage [VIDEO]

Just two days ago, The Politistick reported that Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) had written Barack Obama to request that he illuminate the White House in blue in honor of the police officers in Dallas who were ambushed by a Black Lives Matter sympathizer, leaving five dead and seven wounded.

FLEOA president Jon Adler thanked Obama for announcing that all flags should be flown at half-staff but believed that full respect for the officers should be demonstrated by illuminating the White House in blue. After all, after the Supreme Court changed the definition of marriage, forcing all states to conduct and recognize homosexual marriage, the White House was illuminated in rainbow colors. This picture was even used as their Twitter profile pic for weeks.

Homosexual White House

The request was simply ignored by the Obama White House.

On Thursday morning, FOX News White House Correspondent Kevin Corke gave the Obama regime another opportunity to respond to requests to illuminate the White House in blue in honor of fallen police officers.

During a press conference, he pressed the issue with Obama press secretary Josh Earnest. The response given by Earnest is an insulting slap in the face and high level of disrespect to law enforcement officers around the country who risk their lives in service to their communities.

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Here is the exchange between the two (emphasis mine).

KEVIN CORKE: Has there been any consideration or any thought given to lighting the White House in blue in honor of law enforcement.

JOSH EARNEST: Uh. I. I. I don’t have much to say about potential consideration but I can tell you that is something we do not plan to do at this point. 

CORKE: It’s not something that the president has made a move on yet?

EARNEST: Kevin, I think it’s appropriate for people to conclude that the president has chosen to acknowledge this loss and pay tribute to these heroes, uh, in a variety of other ways.

So, there you have it, folks. The Obama regime has officially doubled down on their refusal to illuminate the White House in blue to show respect to law enforcement, especially the fallen. Beyond that, these elitists want to tell you what is appropriate for you to conclude.

I guess our nation’s police are not worthy of respect, honor, and celebration of their work on the same level as Obama jubilantly celebrated two people of the same gender getting married.

No, instead, these officers get lectured to by Obama about how they are all racist and threatened with a federal government takeover of local police departments.

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