What the Obama Regime has Tweeted About the Massacre of Dallas Police Speaks Volumes

As of this writing, it has been nearly three hours since I received the breaking news alert that Dallas police officers were under siege while patrolling and protecting protesters at a Black Lives Matter rally.

As of this moment, four officers are dead, three are in critical condition, and two were in surgery hours ago. So, what has the Obama regime tweeted since this attack on police by snipers, with some officers shot in the back.

The answer is a big, fat NOTHING.

Obama has used Twitter since he was running for the presidency in 2008 to push his agenda. He takes to Twitter often to attack police, as he did following shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota, often commenting before he has all the facts.

But, three hours after 11 officers were gunned down in Dallas, there is nothing…no statement…no prayers…no call for calm….no calls for no more violence….no respect for police lives…nothing from the Twitter accounts of the White House, POTUS, Barack Obama, FLOTUS, or Loretta Lynch.



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I guess for Lynch, if they are police officers wearing blue, she doesn’t give a flip.

Obama is quick to attack police, to draw a conclusion and spew his anti-police rhetoric without knowing all the facts, but slow to say anything about attacks on police, if he ever says anything at all.

What about the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. Did she say anything at all about the assalut on police in Dallas.


About five minutes before I received the breaking news alert about the attack on police in Dallas, Hillary tweeted a video of herself speaking in 1996. Since then, nothing.


Their silence regarding this massacre of police is not only deafening, it speaks volumes. Sickening.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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