What Obama Said When He Endorsed Hillary Will Make You Question his Sanity

It’s official. America’s first Marxist president, Barack Obama, has endorsed Hillary Clinton, the first person being investigated by the FBI to win the nomination of a major political party.

It’s no secret that the Obamas and the Clintons do not like each other but both have a love for two things, power and money, all while convincing Americans that they are “for the little guy.” Never mind that the rules they feel is best for us do not apply to them. That’s beside the point. They will stick together for political expediency. So, it is not shocking that Obama endorsed Hillary. It is what he said in his endorsement, however, that will have you question his sanity, or at the very least be reminded of his propensity to straight out lie.

On Thursday morning, Barack Obama officially endorsed Hillary Clinton after meeting with wild-eyed socialist Bernie Sanders to try to convince him to drop out of the race. Sanders, reportedly, still contends that he will remain in the race.

When he endorsed Clinton, Obama had the audacity to utter these words. He said, with a straight face, “I don’t think there’s ever been someone more qualified to hold this office.”

If by qualified he means corrupt liar who compromised national security with a private email server, left Americans to die in Benghazi then lied about it, and used her power and influence in the State Department to the financial benefit of her family, then I guess you could make that case.

Then again, Obama himself was elected into office on the wave of “making history” in 2008. That was the year that the Democrats kicked Hillary to the curb, putting their focus and efforts behind Obama rather than Hillary because they obviously decided it would be more effective in their manipulation to cry racism instead of misogyny if anyone offered criticism.

So, we got a corrupt Chicago community agitator who used every political office as a stepping stone to simply get into a position of ultimate power in order to attempt to tear apart the very foundation of this country, constantly usurping the Constitution and attacking freedom in the name of “fundamentally transforming America.”

If you take away the Chicago community agitator descriptor, you could say the same things about Clinton.

Both are radical leftists and Saul Alinsky disciples. Both have overinflated egos based upon overinflated descriptions of their qualifications. Both have complete disregard for the Constitution which endangers the future of this country.

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters made the case the recently about how an Obama endorsement of Hillary Clinton damages the Constitution, as detailed by PJ Media.

“Indeed, it would be fully wittingly,” Peters said. “This is not politics as usual. It’s not a standard endorsement. The power of the presidency is in play, here, and it’s working against the Constitution.”

Peters continued, “By endorsing Hillary, President Obama is sending a signal to the FBI, to the attorney general, and to any future juries, (if it comes to that) that he doesn’t think that what she did is very serious. It matters because at the fundamental level, our country is not about the president, it’s not even about Congress or the Supreme Court. Everything flows from the Constitution. And we have seen a terrible abuse of the Constitution of late in the selective enforcement of laws at the federal level of this administration, and at the local level like in Chicago, or Ferguson, or Baltimore.”

“And this president, who supposedly is a constitutional scholar, is undercutting it by coming out in support of Hillary at this time,” Peters complained. “I see Obama and the hard left determined to cling to power at any cost including subverting the Constitution and that truly concerns me. Selective enforcement of laws — that’s Vladimir Putin, that’s Erdogan in Turkey, that’s the Chinese. We need equal justice for all to the extent humanly possible,” Peters said. “This endorsement sends a very powerful signal — don’t go after Hillary.”

So, while sending the message that there is inequality in the law with elites like Hillary being given the blessing for criminality by the current President of the United States, telling the rest of us that some people are above the law, Obama overinflates her accomplishment as a way to make people look beyond her corruption.

Maybe Obama’s statement made when endorsing Hillary speaks not to his sanity, but rather to his soul. He’ll say and do anything to have his fundamental transformation and destruction of America continue, and he believes that Hillary is the perfect puppet to do it.


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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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