Smoke ‘Em While You Can: Obama Wages War on Cigars


President Obama is fond of Cuba. America’s first dictator infamously visited the communist dictatorship this year and fawned-over the despotic, murderous regime and even openly slammed America while doing so.

The plus side to Obama’s groveling is that the U.S. may soon see Cuban cigars hitting shelves. But don’t be fooled; while Obama facilitate the selling of commie cigars, he is doing everything he can to make it tougher for small and medium-sized cigar businesses in the U.S.

On Monday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ably demonstrated how absurd our bureaucracy has become. Obama’s FDA unleashed 499 pages of new regulations concerning the selling of cigars in America and true to form, the pages are filled with complex legalese and oddly-worded government-speak that appears designed to confuse rather than clarify.

The plan calls for incredibly-stringent quality controls and the associated costs to be absorbed by businesses. Naturally, all but the biggest companies will be unable to comply with the stringent regulations and costs of such over-regulation and will likely fold.

With fewer businesses, there will be fewer cigars and thus, cigars will cost more. Higher costs of cigars mean fewer people smoking them and *voila* America’s tyrant has achieved two goals in one fell swoop: restrict smoking while damaging capitalist endeavors (all while readying the U.S. market for communist-crafted cigars).

Walter Cukier, a Perdomo Cigars representative, blasted the nearly 500 pages of federal edicts as including “huge swaths of unclear language.”

“This new regulation is the windfall the government will collect for those companies who wish to remain open,” Cukier said. “The government is expecting hundreds of millions in instant taxation.

“Premium cigar sales make up less than a percent of all tobacco sales every year. Our industry is being crushed by the weight of the rest of the industry for the convenience of bureaucrats.”

The new rules place premium cigars as well as hookah tobacco, e-cigarettes and pipe tobacco under the FDA’s control and the new rules they’re creating. If the edict is not challenged, makers of the aforementioned products will be forced to abide by FDA edicts and mercurial rule changes.

The new rules require makers of the aforementioned products to undergo a very-thorough and costly application process before being allowed to bring their products to market. As a result of similar rules having been placed on cigarettes in 2009, almost no company has brought new tobacco products to market as the Obama Administration simply won’t allow it.

Cukier said that “this legislation marks the beginning of the end as it is unlikely for any new [cigar] product to be approved.”

As a result of the stringent government overreach, cigar manufacturers will be forced to simply maintain their lines as bringing a new product to market would cost a fortune and would likely be denied.

For those of us who enjoy a good cigar or a new, exciting pipe tobacco blend, this may mean that what we are left with when the EPA dust settles is what will be available on the market for the foreseeable future.

You know, unless Obama welcomes Cuba to improve their economy by opening the American market to Cuban cigars. In that case, communist Cuba’s economy will soar as Americans smoke Cohibas while America’s cigar manufacturers endure punishing over-regulation.


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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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