Obama-Worshiping Mayor Thinks the Name of This Highway is ‘Racist’

Obama and Mayor Bishop Thomas Masters. Credit: Mayor Master's Facebook Page.Obama and Mayor Bishop Thomas Masters. Credit: Mayor Master's Facebook Page.

First they came for the freedom-loving Tea Party movement; then they came for the reporters; then they came for the Christian wedding chapels and bakers; then they came for the Confederate flag and Civil War memorials, etc., etc., etc.

It will never end for anti-free speech, anti-American progressive leftists. They love banning things or words that interfere with their anti-freedom, communist agenda, and one frequently used tool is that of political correctness, silencing opposition by labeling words or phrases “offensive” or “racist.”

Now the word “Dixie” is apparently considered “racist,” according to an Obama sycophantic mayor who wants the name of the Old Dixie Highway removed and to be renamed the “Barack Obama Highway,” after the worse president in American history, the Constitution-violating Marxist wannabe dictator, Barack Obama.

So “Dixie” is offensive, but “Barack Obama,” easily the most divisive president in American history, despised by tens of millions of Americans isn’t offensive?


The Riviera Beach, Florida city council will vote late Wednesday on making the change, something that Obama-worshiping, race-hustling Mayor Bishop Thomas Masters is pushing for.

“Each member will vote Yay or Nay to rid this city of a street name that still invokes memories of racism and slavery in the Old South,” Mayor Bishop Thomas Masters explained to WPTV.

As you might imagine, the news of the vote was met by considerable opposition on social media after WPTV and others tweeted the news, with one person tweeting that if the highway is going to truly be renamed after Obama, it should be called the “America-hating Marxist Scumbag Highway.”:

Moreover, a local radio station’s online poll indicates strong opposition to the Mayor’s proposal:

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“Paco,” a 105.9, Sunny FM DJ, said that when he proposed the question of changing the highway on Wednesday, his phones exploded in opposition:

I posed the question on the air today about whether or not that’s something that city officials need to give serious consideration to and BOY did MY phone lines EXPLODE!

I will admit though that about 85% of my calls said, anything from, “STOP IT!,” “THAT’S ENOUGH,” to “how far are we going to take this political correctness?!”  How much consideration do we as a country need to give to “things” that are taken offensive by certain people in the population?  Is there a limit? When is enough, enough?

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Matthew K. Burke
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