Obamacare Deceiver Jonathan Gruber Offers His ‘Fix’ [VIDEO]

In November 2014, a video surfaced of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber, an MIT economist, cavalierly bragging that Americans are “too stupid” — that they must be lied to about Obamacare in order to ram the 2,700-page incomprehensible behemoth down their collective throats.

For the memory, here’s Gruber talking before various progressive leftist “intellectuals” explaining how Democrats schemed to deceive the American people:

Now, Mr. Smarty Pants, years after Americans are feeling the pain of his and Obama’s deception, a bill that was passed with 100% Democrat support and 0% Republican support, is offering his “fix” for the government-run debacle — fine the people more — because there’s nothing more American in a progressive leftist Democrat’s mind than forcing people to buy something they can’t afford and then fining them if they don’t.

Appearing on CNN on Wednesday, the leftist lunatic Jonathan Gruber actually had the audacity to claim that “the law is working as designed” but could work better. Unreal.

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This guy should be serving 10-25 for fraud in my opinion and so should Obama and every Democrat in Congress who knowingly lied to the American people — knowing that their law wouldn’t work — knowing that it would inflict real pain, stress, and turmoil.

Because as retired Democrat Congressman Barney Frank once admitted in a rare moment of honesty, the “public option” that Obama and his now pushing for, will lead to Single Payer health care, which is basically punishing every American with the socialized medicine train wreck that is inflicting our veterans (VA), who deserve so much better.

As I wrote about yesterday, government ruined health care in this country and it will never get better until they get the hell out of it!

WATCH America getting “Grubered” again:

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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