Obama’s America: College Student Needs Police Protection; Fired From Job Over Facebook Post

Free speech and the First Amendment continue to to be under assault, as the promise of America-hating leftist president Barack Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform” America continues to fulfilled, taking a wrecking ball to civil society.

The progressive Democrat left’s attack against free speech was ramped up this week at Georgia Southern University as senior student Emily Faz was harassed to to point of needing police protection to walk to classes on campus after thuggish and hateful members of the George Soros-funded communist front group known as Black Lives Matter, a group that was formed based on the phony “hands up don’t shoot” narrative of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, got butthurt over a Facebook post by Ms. Faz that was critical of the leftist and racist hate group.

Beyond the harassment, Emily Faz reportedly was fired from her job, the Washington Times reported on Thursday, after agitators called her employer in droves, insisting that she be fired.

Emily Faz

Georgia Southern University senior student Emily Faz. Image Credit: Facebook, Emily Faz

Why all of the hate and intolerance against Faz? Below is the November 14 Facebook post which blasted the Black Lives Matter narrative and replacing it with “All Lives Matter,” a statement that apparently enrages the haters on the left, via The Blaze:

Emily Faz Facebook Post

Another racist and divisive communist Democrat Party front group, the NAACP, caught wind of the Facebook post and immediately planned a astro turf black student walkout at GSU.

Apparently thinking that somehow “All Lives Matter” doesn’t include people of color, NAACP 2nd Vice President Jamar Boyd told  told WJCL-TV that the walkout was staged “to show that the black student population does matter.”

Faz’s former employer, the Wild Wing Cafe, after being bullied by black bullies to fire Ms. Faz, began to receive pushback from supporters of Faz, calling the restaurant anti-First Amendment and threatening to boycott.

Emily Faz Support Twitter

The strong opposition to Faz’s reported firing must have worked. WND reports that The Wild Wing Cafe in Statesboro, Georgia, later released a statement saying that Emily Faz had not been fired:

The team at Wild Wing Cafe-Statesboro would like to express our appreciation for your feedback and concern for one of our employees. As we are sure you all understand, you cannot believe everything you hear on social media. While all personnel matters must remain confidential, we believe this situation calls for clarification,” the company said in a statement Thursday. “We would like to personally assure you Emily Faz has not been terminated. As we said yesterday, our establishment supports each citizen’s First Amendment right. It is also our unconditional responsibility and number one priority to provide a safe environment for all of our team members and we will continue to do so. We hope you can understand this is a sensitive personnel matter and please trust we are handling with absolute care.”

After anti-free speech progressives demanded that Emily Faz get expelled from GSU, the school’s president, Jean Bartels, courageously came out on the side of free speech and the First Amendment, saying in a statement that “George Southern is not permitted to restrict speech that is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.”

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GAFollowers reports that many GSU students have seen Emily Faz using a police escort on campus, further evidence that other than a radical Islamic terrorist, there aren’t too many people more vile, hateful, intolerant and violent than Marxist progressive leftist Democrats.

This kind of hate has been promoted by Obama and his cabal of professional racial grievance industry profiteers, led by longtime race hustler Al Sharpton, as they attempt to agitate blacks to the polls in 2016, even if there has to be a race war.

Any violence or buildings burned to the ground by “protesters” will be seen by them as collateral damage.


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