Obama’s Face Now Replaces Che Guevara’s on Cuba’s Iconic Poster… Seriously

It seems that the United States and Cuba have finally settled their differences thanks to the Obama Administration’s willingness to accept communism and the horrid human rights abuses for which Cuba has long been infamous.

After 50+ years of tensions between the two neighbors, the official position of Cuba has seemingly changed little with regards to their failed system of economics and their tyrannous method of instituting it. The United States, however, with President Obama at the wheel, has seemingly decided to embrace the despotic regime and their communist oppression.

In appreciate of Obama’s willingness to cower and grovel to the despotic Castro Regime, Cuba’s government has honored the sitting U.S. president with the honor of inviting the president to the communist nation- a visit Obama has happily accepted.

In celebration of this historic meeting of leftist minds, Obama will be greeted with an altered poster than that which normally infests the island nation.

The posters and billboards have long gazed-down upon the oppressed people of Cuba. They included portraits of Fidel Castro and his comrades Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos as well as Cuban independence leader Jose Marti.

Now, a new poster is emerging just days before Obama’s visit with a similar poster which includes Raul Castro’s face next to President Obama.

“Welcome to Cuba,” the poster says under the American and Cuban flag.

Though not placed by the Cuban government, the poster has seemingly been granted tacit approval in the country where free expression is expressly prohibited, except in instances where the government approves of the message.

The poster is the work of Miguel Angel Morales, owner of La Moneda Cubana restaurant, who claimed,

“As far as I know there’s never been a portrait of a North American president before.”

“In our restaurant we’ve had the US flag up inside for five years, but this is also the first time we’ve shown it outside,” he added.

While it is terrific that the Cuban people harbor a warmth for America, it is shocking to see the face of a sitting U.S. president cozied side-by-side with that of a communist dictator who is responsible for untold bloodshed and oppression. Raul Castro is the brother of Fidel and before ascending to power, served by his brother’s side in instituting the horrific regime and overseeing their brutal oppression of the Cuban people.

In the Cold War, strength by Ronald Reagan and other leaders forced the Soviet Union to their knees. With Glasnost and Perestroika, the U.S. helped guide the Soviet Union to reforms.

In this instance, however, there have been reforms by the Cuban government that have happened as a result of Obama’s intervention. Instead, we have simply reformed our stance on communist oppression.

With this as his shameful legacy, it is little wonder why Comrade Obama is so welcomed in the communist nation.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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