Obama’s Perverted ‘Gender Identity’ Policy Puts Battered Women in Harms Way

Imagine you’re a battered woman who has sought refuge and safety in a shelter. You may have faced sexual abuse or any type of physical abuse at the hands of a man. You’re timid and apprehensive about trust, especially with men, and are relieved to be in a place where you don’t have to face any fears of a male predator either touching you or leering at you.

Then one day, that all changes. The shelter in which you are trying to put your life back together is no longer a safe refuge. Why not? Because due to Barack Obama’s perverted “gender identity” policy which attempts to force not only businesses but also all people, to accept an anatomically correct male in women’s dressing rooms, showers, and restrooms as long as that man says that at that moment, they feel like they are a woman.

The state of Oregon must be on Obama’s good list for perverted compliance to his own personal war on women and attempt to forcibly make business and individuals throughout the country participate in it as well.

One woman, Malka Davis, who sought shelter at a women’s center in Oregon wrote in The Oregonian about her experience at the shelter and watching women leave the shelter in fear after a man, Clarence, who “self-identified” as a woman was allowed to stay in the shelter and share the most intimate and private of facilities with women.

The realization that a man was going to be sharing sleeping and bathroom space with us (in this particular area, there are no private or even semi-private rooms) was understandably met with tremendous anxiety, and, yes, even outrage. After all, not a few of these women were escaping domestic and sexual abuse committed by men, a trauma that doesn’t magically disappear once you’re away from your abuser. They thought they had found a haven exclusively for women. Little did they know that because of anti-discrimination laws any man who claims to identify as a woman can be admitted.

Davis adds that while she treated Clarence with dignity and respect, she never at any point viewed him as a woman. She also believes that it is wrong for the state to admit any man who “self-identifies” as a woman into a woman’s shelter not only because it jeopardizes the safety and security, both physically and emotionally, of women but also because it takes away the opportunity for a woman in need of help from the women’s shelter to receive it.

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In closing, Davis blasts those in the liberal media who take up this “transgender cause” without any regard for real world or real life impact.

When I see how this debate is being portrayed in the liberal media, though, I have to wonder if these so-called champions of transgender rights have any concept of how this issue impacts people — especially women — on the fringes of society. Many of us, like those in homeless shelters, do not have the luxury of choosing how much we’re going to be impacted by the liberal zeitgeist’s latest cause célèbre, or the ability to exercise other options. The issue is thrust upon us when we are at our most vulnerable.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a prime example of a war on women hoisted upon others under the guise of “tolerance.”

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