October Surprise? Jullian Assange Just Punked the World

As we grow closer to the general election where America’s choices for president atop the two major political parties are Hillary Clinton and her long-time friend and donor Donald Trump, the two candidates with the highest unfavorables in history who are both surrounded by controversy, there has been speculation that the election would be put into a tailspin after an “October Surprise” by Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange.

Assange was scheduled to hold a press conference on Monday but postponed it at the last minute. Speculation for something damning to the Hillary campaign grew after Wikileaks also tweeted an article indicating that Hillary Clinton once asked whether the United States could just use a drone on Assange, as the whistleblower was releasing State Department docs that did not bode well for her. He moved his announcement to Tuesday in Berlin, apparently due to security concerns. So, when he appeared before the world, what happened?

Answer. Nothing. Well, almost nothing.

The announcement on Tuesday turned out to be nothing short of a publicity stunt for the 10 year anniversary of Wikileaks first ever release with a promise of the releasing of documents related to the election…soon.

Journalists and other media in the United States woke up in the wee hours of the morning in eager anticipation of the Wikileaks reveal. Rather than something of great significance that would impact the 2016 presidential race, they were met with non-information and promises of information in the future.

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Assange says that he will release thousands of documents related to the governments of three different countries, including America, by the end of the year. He added that if he was going to release information related to the presidential election of the United States, then he would not have held a press conference at 3 am Eastern.

Wikileaks intends to publish all the U.S.-election-related documents before November 8, he said. These documents will cover topics including war, arms, oil, Google, and U.S. elections, he said. In fact, Wikileaks is going to begin with its first publication this week, although he later said that he did not want to specify whether this week’s publication would be election-related or not.

Given this publicity fiasco, however, with people tuned in with high anticipation of a big reveal, one has to wonder if the reputation of Julian Assange and Wikileaks has been damaged.

This one Twitter user speculated as such and summed it up perfectly.

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