Odd Claim Made by Trump About Reagan is a Tremendous Insult

Ronald Reagan is widely considered the most conservative president in modern-day history. In fact, Human Events deemed The Great Communicator to be the second most conservative president in all of American history, bested only by America’s first president, George Washington.

Throughout his campaign, billionaire Donald Trump, the current GOP frontrunner, has on several occasions compared himself to Reagan. He has frequently commented how Reagan was a Democrat for years, just like he was, in defense of him now saying he is a Republican from all those who have questions about his conversion since it was so recent and even his latest positions on issues consist of either flip-flopping or progressive ideology, in the case of single-payer healthcare and taxation.

But, the critics of Donald Trump have not stopped him from continuing to invoke Reagan in defense of himself. During an appearance Sunday morning on Meet the Press, Trump again used Reagan as a defense for himself.

In response to NATIONAL REVIEW’s “Against Trump” editorial, where 22 conservative leaders joined with them in opposition to Trump’s candidacy, Trump made claims about himself in comparison to Ronald Reagan that will not only raise eyebrows but also draw the ire of many.

Trump had this to say about himself compared to conservative icon, Ronald Reagan.

“I am a conservative,” he continued. ”What I say to people is this, Ronald Reagan; he was a somewhat liberal Democrat and over the years he evolved and became a fairly conservative — not overly — but fairly conservative Republican. Now, he became a great president also.”


Reagan, who spent decades championing conservative principles and fighting for conservative causes and candidates was, in Trump’s view, ‘not overly conservative.’ Yet, Trump believes that he, definitively, is a conservative despite in recent years singing the praises of such entrenched, corrupt, and anti-American Democrats like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Nancy Pelosi? Trump even sent a message in standing with Rahm “Deadfish” Emanuel after the Tea Party wave of 2010 by giving him $50,000 in his re-election bid as mayor of Chicago.

With this wild claim and insult to the legacy of Ronald Reagan, many will wonder even more if Trump even knows what conservatism is or if it’s just words that he throws around as part of his dealmaking to win people over.

h/t National Review

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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