Odd and Douchey Move by Marco Rubio that the Media is Ignoring [VIDEO]

Marco Rubio

On Saturday night, Florida Senator Marco Rubio finished in the South Carolina Primary in second place with 22.5% of the vote. This put him just barely ahead of Texas Senator Ted Cruz , who finished with 22.3% of the vote.

This morning, Rubio had a moment caught on video this morning that makes you wonder if he was unaware that someone was filming. Rubio, who seems to be protective of his clean-cut image, had a run-in with Rafael Cruz, father of Ted Cruz, and Christian Collins, a Cruz staffer that was caught on film by crew members from The Daily Pennsylvanian.

In short, Rubio came across as pretty much a douchebag.

The event took place at the Hampton Inn in Columbia. Rafael and Collins were sitting at a table when Rubio walked up to them.

Collins was reading while drinking a cup of coffee when Rubio approached him. The Florida Senator said, “Got a good book there.” Seems innocent enough, right? Even a bit complimentary and nice. But, that’s when the doucheness kicked in.

Rubio appears to have arrogantly stated , “Not many answers in it, especially that one,” though the audio is unclear.

Initial updates tot he story stated that the book Rubio pointed to as he made that insulting statement was the Holy Bible, although the Cruz staffer says that is not true.

Even if it wasn’t the Holy Bible, which would make this even more disturbing, whatever the book may have been, what a douchebag move from Rubio. It even appeared that his young son, or at least some young boy, was with him.

Keep it classy, Rubio.

UPDATE: The transcription of Marco Rubio’s words as reported by the Daily Pennsylvanian was inaccurate. For whatever reason, the original poster of the video misquoted Rubio in an effort to smear him. I still stand by my belief that this was an odd and douchey move based upon Rubio’s body language, which is what struck me immediately upon seeing the video. It is also quite interesting that the Rubio campaign now blames the Cruz campaign for the video.

Although Cruz’s campaign manager did post an article on his personal social media about the misquoted video, to my knowledge there is no direct connection between that video and Ted Cruz. Then again, the truth doesn’t seem to matter a whole lot in this presidential campaign, especially as both Marco Rubio and Donald Trump are attempting to cast doubt in people’s minds about’ Ted Cruz’s integrity by constantly smearing him and calling him a liar as he points out their record. But, I guess it’s easier for Rubio to deflect and destroy than it is for him to explain his career-long dedication to amnesty and illegals.

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