Odd Thing Marco Rubio Did at the GOP Debate That has People Talking [VIDEO]

Ahead of the GOP Debate held in New Hampshire on Saturday night, Marco Rubio received lavish praise for his performance in the Iowa Caucus. Although he finished in his expected place at third, he was deemed by many in the media and political pundits as being the real winner even though Ted Cruz set a record for not only the most votes ever received in the Iowa Caucus but also for being the first person of Latino heritage to ever win.

Rubio was expected to shine in the GOP Debate in New Hampshire, but he was also expected to be the subject of attacks.

Prior to the debate, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie went after Rubio in the media referring to him as ‘the boy in the bubble’ with the accusation that the media shields him from tough questions and accepts his canned, oft-repeated answers. Given Christie’s attacks, one would think Rubio would have been ready on debate night.

Unfortunately for Marco Rubio, he wasn’t.

Chris Christie wasted no time pointing out Rubio’s tendency to lean upon his rehearsed answers. When Rubio did such a thing, Christie pointed it out. That really made Rubio uneasy, and it showed.

Sadly for Rubio, he didn’t learn from Chris Christie pointing out his leaning on rehearsed answers and he went on to repeat the same statement many, many times – five times to be exact.

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Unlike the Iowa Caucus, the conversation among political pundits after the latest GOP Debate was how much that scene would hurt Marco Rubio.

The question is, will Rubio’s terrible GOP Debate performance impact the outcome of the New Hampshire primary? Will Chris Christie’s efforts in that state and a strong debate performance translate into a strong finish in the primary on Tuesday?

Check it out for yourself. It was a shining moment for Chris Christie and a deflating one for Marco Rubio.

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