Ohio State University Staffer Laments Death of Terrorist; Invokes #BlackLivesMatter

Ohio State University Assistant Director of Residence Life Stephanie Clemons Thompson has a message for all of her family, friends, and anyone else that she’s connected to on Facebook. She will unfriend anyone who celebrates the death of the Islamic terrorist and Somali refugee, who was also an Ohio State University student, who attempted to mow down dozens of people on campus. When his car was rendered immobile after running into a concrete barrier, he exited his vehicle and began attacking people with a butcher knife.

Clemons Thompson described the terrorist as “troubled” and alleged that he must have “been in a lot of pain” if he thought killing innocent Americans was the “solution.” She implored her fellow Ohio State Buckeyes to come together in support of this terrorist to show the world they are #BuckeyeStrong. For good measure, the added that #BlackLivesMatter.

How disgusting.

This woman who is responsible for residence life on the campus is race baiting as if race had that had something to do with a Muslim terrorist being shot dead by a hero police officer who stopped him from inflicting the death and destruction he desired.

Don’t believe this ridiculous scenario? Check this out.


Notice that Stephanie Clemons Thompson was big and bold in her words warning people that she will unfriend them if they dare to celebrate the death of the terrorist, but in all caps at the top and bottom of her post, she also told people “DO NOT SHARE THIS POST.”

Notice, she also uses #SayHisName in her post. This phrase has been used by #BlackLivesMatter in their lie-based propaganda push that blacks are being killed in epic proportions by police officers for no reason. The phrase #SayHerName was used in regards to the death of Sandra Bland, who took her own life while in police custody though many still blame the police for her death.

So, it looks like Clemons Thompson is pushing the narrative, without explicitly saying so, that the hero cop, Officer Alan Horujko, shot and killed the Muslim terrorist for no reason.

Sick and disgusting.

If she’s so proud of her words and believes she is in the right to express support for this terrorist who was, in her words, “troubled,” then why command others to not share her post?

I’ll tell you why. Because deep down she knew if that post got out, she’d rightly get roundly criticized. There should also be calls for her to lose her position as Assistant Director for Residence Life. Judging by her post defending a terrorist who tried to kill the very students who are in her care, this woman should not have the responsibility to direct residence life for college students.

LEO Affairs notes that the post has since been taken down or made private and that they can’t verify the authenticity but there is a pattern in her posts. She has actually since taken down her entire account or hid it from searches. Shocker. Admission of guilt much, Stephanie?



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