On 9/11, the New York Times Insults the Memories of the 3,000 Killed by Muslim Terrorists

Today is September 11, 2015. It is the 14th anniversary of the day that Muslim terrorists attacked America on her on soil, forever impacting our way of life as the government responded by increasingly infringing on our freedom convincing many that we need to trade freedom for security, a false security with the theatrics of the TSA.

Yet on this day, the New York Times, once revered but now a mere shadow of what it used to be, the publication of the very city that was attacked by Muslim terrorists failed to even recognize the anniversary of the attack on its front page.

Jan Crawford, CBS morning/legal person, tweeted the failure of the New York Times to commemorate this tragic day.

This failure is an insult to all those who died that day, whose lives were senselessly taken away in an act of barbarism by Muslim terrorists whose goal is to kill Americans and destroy our great nation. On September 11, 2001, Muslim terrorists killed nearly 3,000 Americans.

Two planes were flown into the World Trade Center in New York City. A plane was flown into the Pentagon. Passengers of Flight 93 overtook Muslim terrorists on their plane and brought the plane down before it hit its intended target. The world witnessed Americans jumping to their death from the World Trade Center buildings rather than be burned to death. America had experienced an attack unlike anything it ever had right on our own soil.

On 9/12, the country came together and bonded as a nation. Churches were filled. American flags could be seen flying from the windows of cars all over the country. Democrats and Republicans came together to demonstrate the resolve of our great nation to send a message to the world that we would never forget and we would not be defeated because we are Americans.

Fast forward 14 years later.

Those in the Tea Party movement who continue to celebrate the greatness of America are called xenophobic and racists. They are called terrorists and arsonists by high ranking Democrat officials on the Senate and House floors for simply supporting and defending the Constitution, the very document these same officials take an oath to uphold and defend. The Tea Party and conservatives have been targeted through the years by Barack Obama for fighting against his attempt to fundamentally transform America, while he ignores the Constitution in the process.

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Police officers and other first responders who were revered and respected following 9/11 for putting themselves in harm’s way at Ground Zero are now vilified and demonized as racists who “act stupidly” and target blacks simply because they are black. This vilification is led by none other than Barack Obama himself and kept in the limelight through violence, destruction and attacks on police by the #BlackLivesMatter anarchist movement.

And the New York Times fails to honor those who died at the hands of Muslim terrorists 14 years later.

Two responses on Twitter to Jan Crawford’s tweet are worth nothing.

The top story is about the Iran Deal, which will provide $150 billion to the Islamic State of Iran whose goal is to destroy Israel and whose people, led by their leader, chant “Death to America.”

How true.

On this day and every day, may we #NeverForget that day in American history when Muslim terrorists brought down the World Trade Centers, tried to destroy the Pentagon and another target, and sent 3,000 Americans to their deaths.

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Jennifer Burke
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