OP-ED: One Party Embraces Fascism, the Other Embraces Communism; the Conscience Alternative

Thuggery at the GOP Convention

The GOP convention resembled one held in a fascist banana republic. Trump delegates shouted at and threatened Cruz delegates. One Utah delegate, Kera Birkeland, was confronted in the bathroom by Trump supporters who said she “should die.” A Free the Delegates supporter, Stefani Williams, said she had received an ominous email from Carl Paladino, a Trump supporter and Credentials committee member:

“‘You should be hung [sic] for treason Stefani. There will not be a Republican Party if you attempt to replace Trump. I’ll be in your face in Cleveland, Paladino allegedly wrote, according to an email that Williams shared with The Hill. 

“‘I was pretty taken aback that a delegate, for one, and a member of the credentials committee would send such a nasty, threatening email, Williams told The Hill. 

Narlina Duke, the Oregon State Director for the Cruz campaign, had to be escorted by police after “Some dude said he’d kill me…because Ted didn’t endorse.”


The spectacle of the crowd attacking Ted and Heidi Cruz for not endorsing Trump was organized, though Ted had made it clear that he would not endorseweeks in advanceat a meeting with Priebus and Trump, and again 3 days before the speech. The RNC and Trump teams had advance copies hours before.

In that speech, he spoke of not admitting terrorists as refugees, of fighting Obamacare. He spoke against violence – the murder of police officers, the murders of black worshippers at the Charleston-Emanuel AME Church. He lauded forgiveness and freedom. He lauded unity. What’s not to like in such a speech?

But the reaction was so obviously premeditated. The booing and screaming started with the New York delegation and spread, egged on by a team of agitators wearing fluorescent green hats. Heidi Cruz came in for screams of “Goldman Sachs!”

Little did the screamers know those words were a dog whistle for white supremacists during the primary. This fits in with Trump and his team’s apparent Twitter ties to white supremacists, as reported in detail by Fortune. Just what Democrats would want for their campaign.

The attack on the Cruzes was vile and violent: Heidi had to be led out with Ken Cuccinelli protecting her from physical attack.

Donald Trump – unfit for office

This is one more proof that Trump should not be given unlimited power, as presidentunless that is the kind of nation we want.

DT tweeted this on July 20th:

Wow, Ted Cruz got booed off the stage, didn’t honor the pledge! I saw his speech two hours early but let him speak anyway. No big deal!

But on March 29th, Trump himself had told Anderson Cooper he’s not honoring the pledge.


What’s more, it was not a favor to allow Cruz to speak: he was entitled to speak because he won delegates.

So, why Trump’s bizarre reaction? Trump’s role in this, as evidenced by his Cuckoo’s Nest–style speech the next day, is fresh evidence of his derangement and unsuitability for the presidency. He resurrected the psychotic lie about Cruz’s dad and Lee Harvey Oswald in a lengthy rant. Mike Pence looked on in dismay, as the Don declared that the National Enquirer deserved a Pulitzer for the obviously planted story and threatened to fund a PAC to fight Cruz’s election plans.

This frothing rant is proof positive that Trump is emotionally unprepared to run a winning campaign. He went on to trash Ohio’s Governor Kasich, whom he’ll need to win Ohioa must in the general.

Trump had totally forgotten his supposed campaign against Hillary Clinton.

The Party’s purge of conservatives

The GOP’s role in the attack, and the subsequent trashing of Cruz on their official network, Fox News, signals a move to not only destroy Cruz but to purge the Party of conservatives and conservatism.

It started at the Rules Committee meeting where members were pressured into deep-sixing a raft of conservative measures, such as addressing the counting of illegal aliens in apportionment and incentivizing states to close their primaries to Democrats and independents. Whenever a conservative approached the mike, members were texted to reject anything that member proposed. At least one Rules Committee member was threatened, reported Kendal Unruh:

I had a Rules Committee person – and I say “person” so it can’t be identified, by gender –This person was a solid vote, and started getting threats on the family, came to me and said, “I can’t be a vote for you. I can’t come out publicly like this. The cost is just too great for my family.

When the rules package came up for ratification at the convention, delegates had 11 states’ signatures on a petition requiring a roll-call vote. They were mindful of 2012,when Boehner falsely called “The ayes have it” in a voice vote. A photo showed his TelePrompter already had the sentence on it!

During a long, unexplained delay, party operatives pressured enough signers to remove their names, killing the roll call vote. This is the party we’ve given our allegiance to.

It’s clear the GOP means to purge conservatives from its ranks. And judging from the stumbling blocks thrown at Cruz in the 2016 primaries, the GOP will make it even more difficult for him to run for president in 2020and are even seeking to defeat his bid for Senate reelection in 2018.

Clearly, the Democratic Party is not an option: they had to be embarrassed into displaying the American flag, but had no problem displaying the Palestinian flag at their convention and even many Soviet Union flags flying outside.

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A conscientious alternative

What should Republicans do next, if they cannot, in good conscience, vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Millions of people are in this position – many of them former Cruz supporters. Cruz got 7.8 million votes in the primaries. We must vote our consciences up and down the ballot, as Ted Cruz said, in his patriotic speech. The best way to do that is voting for a president who will protect our precious Constitution.

Our Constitution does not sanction thuggery; it does not sanction totalitarianism. It sanctions freedom to speak our minds, freedom to practice our religions.

This is why we are working to grow the Constitution Party into a home for conservatives and, one day, a replacement for the GOP, which has turned down a path we cannot follow.

The wisest thing to do is to vote for the down-ballot Republican candidates and follow your conscience in voting for president. There is only one candidate that will uphold the constitution and follow conservative principles: Darrel Castle, from the Constitution Party.

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Mr. Castle is a strict Constitutionalist. It’s a joy to hear at least one candidate speak of the document that differentiates us from Europe, where one can be fined or jailed for criticizing Islam. But he feels that there is almost no part of the Constitution not being flouted today:

“I want to speak to you in defense of liberty and against tyranny. I speak for the republic and against the fascism that seems to be enveloping us. The general government was created by the sovereign states for a specific purpose; that purpose was to protect our God-given rights.”

Anything that runs afoul of that purpose is, therefore, illegal and unconstitutional. And since virtually everything this government does runs afoul of that purpose, virtually everything it does is illegal and unconstitutional.”

He grounds his pro-life views in the Constitution:

Unlike Hillary Clinton who recently said, unborn persons have no constitutional rights, I know that all persons have the right to life and both the 5th and 14th amendments confirm that position. I also know, as does Mrs. Clinton in the deep recesses of her heart, that those waiting in their mother’s womb to be born are in fact persons.

The Constitution Party is not a huge, well-funded entity having dozens of advisors and fact-checkers. As a result, Mr. Castle has had to clarify his views on some issues. For example, he declared in a recent teleconference call that, although his party platform is against giving foreign aid, if Israel were in trouble and needed help, as president he would step in with money to help Israel. He noted that Israel can defend itself against all the Arab nations at once, if need be, that it has 300 nuclear missiles. But if it needed help, he would defend Israel.

It’s not healthy for Israel to depend upon America for military support. This is true: Bush the elder threatened to cancel Israel’s loan guarantees. In 2014, the Obama Administration halted arms shipments to Israel in the middle of a shooting war with Hamas.

Castle also said he would’ve voted for Ted Cruz, but he wasn’t a Republican.

It’s hard to distrust a man who said this:

What I Promise:

If God raised me up and made me President of the United States, what I told the states, what I told you I would do, I will do, or die trying. So help me God.

To help, join here:


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