One State’s Lawmakers Want to Make It Super Easy to Get Stoned; Here’s How

If you’re hanging out in your apartment in Seattle with an urge to get baked with some legal pot, but don’t feel like skipping down to your local pot store, the lawmakers in Washington State have a great solution to your awful dilemma: home delivery of weed.

HB-2368, sponsored by State House Representatives Christopher Hurst (D) and Cary Condotta (R) was filed this week in the ambitious Washington State Legislature. The title of the bill is Creating a two-year pilot program authorizing up to five qualified licensed marijuana retailers to deliver marijuana to Washington residents in a city with a population of over six hundred fifty thousand.

Being that Seattle is the only city in Washington State that meets the population qualification; I guess ganja smokers in the rest of the state will have to lift themselves off the couch when they have a desire to get stoned.

This is what lawmakers are spending their time drafting while representing their constituents. It’s enough to make you want to get high.

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Alex David
Alex David
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