OOPS! Cher Accidentally Agrees With ‘Devil’ Ted Cruz; Liberal Heads Explode

Aging leftist lunatic “Cher” had a rare moment of sanity yesterday, stating that allowing more Syrian refugees into America, many who could be ISIS Muslim terrorists, was not safe and asked why U.S. policy should make it easy for our enemies to enter American soil.

Amazingly, Cher, who has previously called GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz, a constitutional conservative and committed Christian, hateful terms like the “devil” and “bigot,” got a taste of her own intolerance after literally agreeing word-for-word with Cruz’s statements on stopping Obama’s Muslim Syrian refugee program.

IJ Review reported Cher’s statement on Twitter (before she took it down after getting obliterated by her intolerant progressive leftist followers.

Cher tweet about Syrian Refugees

Ted Cruz has called the Obama Muslim Syrian refugee scheme “utter lunacy,” while Obama has called Cruz “un-American” for not wanting to allow more Muslim terrorists into America — a stance, shockingly, that Cher — at least until getting vilified — seems to agree with 100%.

Cruz has further introduced legislation that would cancel passports of American traitors who joined radical Islamic terrorist groups like ISIS.

“If you join ISIS — if you wage jihad on America, then you are signing your death warrant,” Cruz said at the first GOP presidential debate in August, a statement that almost caused Frank Luntz’s focus group dials to break due to viewers’ positive reaction.

Unfortunately for Cher, she wasn’t able to dial back her common sense tweet before getting swamped by an angry mob of leftists, who hatefully vilified her for temporarily leaving the Democrat Party Plantation of thought control.

Cher apparently couldn’t take the vitriol, as she soon retracted her rare moment of lucidity, blaming her glimpse of sanity on only having 140 characters on Twitter:

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Matthew K. Burke
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