OOPS: Donald Trump Could be in for Some Major Legal Woes

North Carolina police have announced that they are considering filing charges for inciting a riot against bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor Donald Trump stemming from an incident at a campaign rally.

During a rally in Fayetteville, one of his attendees cold-clocked a Black Lives Matter protester as the protester was being led out by police in Fayetteville.

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office read a statement to the Washington Post in which they explained their investigation and possible charges.

At other rallies prior to this incident, in which a 78-year old man sucker punched a black protester as he was being led out by police, Trump had encouraged attendees at his rallies to “knock the crap out” of protesters and reminisced about a time when protesters would be carried off on a stretcher.

He added that he would pay the legal bills of any attendee who mixed it up in that fashion with a protester.

“We are continuing to look at the totality of these circumstances . . . including the potential of whether there was conduct on the part of Mr. Trump or the Trump campaign which rose to the level of inciting a riot.”

What happened at the rally could fit under the state’s definition of a riot.

“A riot is a public disturbance involving an assemblage of three or more persons which by disorderly and violent conduct, or the imminent threat of disorderly and violent conduct, results in injury or damage to persons or property or creates a clear and present danger of injury or damage to persons or property.”

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As of this writing, Trump has not addressed the possibility of facing charges for inciting a riot on his social media.

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