OOPS! Dr. Ben Carson Accidentally LEAKS Trump’s VP Short List

At one point, Dr. Ben Carson, Trump’s former GOP presidential rival who was referred to by Trump as “a sick puppy” and similar to a pedophile, was selected to head the reality TV actor and presumptive GOP nominee’s vice presidential selection committee. After Carson told the media that Trump may select a Democrat as his running mate, suddenly the campaign announced that Trump’s thuggish handler Corey Lewandowski was now in charge of the committee’s selection process.

Although no correlation was ever admitted to by the Trump campaign, another massive slip up by Carson offers more evidence that his major faux pas within the campaign could be a reason for his seeming demotion. While riding in a town car along with his wife Candy and a reporter to a televised interview, Dr. Carson accidentally revealed the names on Trump’s VP list which the campaign previously stated would remain a secret.

During this candid discussion, the reporter rattled off a list of people pondering whether they were on Trump’s list. Either not caring or without thinking, Carson accidentally confirmed the list of names, some which may surprise many.

Ben Carson, the neurosurgeon turned presidential candidate turned unfiltered pitchman for Donald Trump and now part of the presumptive nominee’s vice presidential search committee, sat in the back of a Town Car with his wife, Candy, on his way to a televised interview. He had just explained to the reporter riding along that he wanted no role in a Trump administration when news arrived of a new poll naming him as the best liked of a list of potential running mates.

“Who else was on the list?” he asked quietly, maintaining his usual inscrutable calm. The most favorably regarded contenders after himself, he was told, were John Kasich, Marco Rubio , Ted Cruz , Sarah Palin and Chris Christie.

“Those are all people on our list,” he said.

“Well, not you,” Candy reminded him sharply.


So, Trump has “Lyin’ Ted” AND “Little Marco” on his VP short list, though both have said they are not interested. In fact, after Marco Rubio released a scathing statement that he was not interested in being Trump’s VP running mate, Trump issued his own statement saying certain people commenting that they were not interested in being his VP weren’t on the list anyway.

Looks like that’s another lie or flip-flop from Donald Trump.

Will Trump continue to allow Carson to be an official surrogate out in the media after that huge and accidental reveal or will the man who was made a household name on NBC’s The Apprentice utter the words he has become famous for, “You’re fired!”?

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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