Open Borders Radical Jorge Ramos Speaks Out AGAINST Dictators; Has No Problem With Obama Dictatorship

Open borders radical Jorge Ramos and America's First Dictator Barack Obama

Pro-illegal amnesty activist and uncivil zealot Jorge Ramos, who masquerades as the top news anchor for Spanish-speaking Univision, and who also has a program on the Fusion network, appeared on The Kelly File on FOX News saying that reporters must speak out against dictators and dictatorships, referring to Donald Trump’s immigration plan which would basically enforce existing immigration laws.

As constitutional scholar, talk show great, and best-selling author Mark Levin recently pointed out, the concept of anchor babies being supported by the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is a myth, and the proof is provided by the very person who wrote the amendment, Senator Jacob Howard.

But the dual-citizen (Mexican and the U.S.) Jorge Ramos does support some dictatorships, as long as they support open borders and unlimited illegal immigration from his home country of origin — Mexico.

Ramos, a radical anti-America, pro-Mexico racialist who heckled Donald Trump at a press conference on Tuesday, outright lied to Megyn Kelly when he played the victim card and said that he did not speak out of turn at the Trump presser, an event that the rude and unhinged Ramos was temporarily and justifiably booted from for crossing the journalistic unwritten rule of making him, the supposed journalist, the subject of the story.

Video of the Trump press conference shows, without a shadow of a doubt, an antagonistic Jorge Ramos trying to hijack another journalist’s question with his Democrat Party and open borders talking points, journalists who had been called upon and deserved to get their question answered just as much as any of the other reporters in the room.

“The only thing I wanted to do was ask Mr. Trump a question,” the victim-card-playing and clearly butt-hurt Jorge Ramos told Megyn Kelly, blabbering about some invented right, “in this country,”  he thinks he has to disrupt and interrupt any event at any time and demand an answer, a complete bastardization and abuse of the First Amendment.

“As soon as I started telling him [Trump at the presser] that it was impossible — because it’s…really his immigration plan is full of empty promises — that it is impossible to do what he’s saying that he is gonna do, uh, he didn’t like the question,” Ramos argued to Megyn Kelly who chose to not challenge his ridiculous contention.

Uh, maybe Jorge, it’s because that is a statement, not a question. That’s not journalism. It’s activism or community organizing or rabble-rousing or something, but it’s not journalism. 

Jorge Ramos makes NBC’s Brian Williams look like a principled truth-teller.

Additionally, radical Ramos had no question for Trump, but simply exhibited his pro-Mexican bias by going on a diatribe — getting on his soapbox about the unworkability of Trump’s desire to enforce immigration laws.

Faux journalist Ramos is a zealous supporter of Obama’s dictatorial illegal amnesty via a stroke of his pen and phone that is highly unconstitutional — an act that could only be accomplished by the same type of dictator that Jorge Ramos purports to be vehemently against.

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Obama, whose regime is clearly the most lawless, most Constitution-violating in American history, is obviously supported Jorge Ramos, except back in the good old days before Obama usurped his authority — when Obama said over 20 times that he didn’t have the constitutional authority to make the millions of foreign invaders U.S. citizens.

Ramos called Trump’s plan to secure the border by building a fence across the border a “waste of money,” even though a recent report revealed that every illegal household deported would save the over-burdened American taxpayer more than $700,000 each.

“He [Trump] says that he’s very good with money, but let me tell you something,” journalist Jorge Ramos told Megyn Kelly. “It would be a waste of money to build a 1,900 mile wall,” he opined.

Ramos called Trump’s temporary removal of his disruptive behavior the act of a “dictator,” even though no outrage is recalled by Jorge Ramos over the Obama Regime’s unconstitutional and tyrannical spying on FOX News reporter James Rosen and the Associated Press (AP).

Jorge Ramos thinks that the journalist’s job is to push back against racism, corruption and dictatorships, unless it’s the racism, corruption, dictatorship, and anti-American views of the treasonous Obama Regime.

Then, Ramos has no problems, just as long as the support of illegal amnesty is provided:

“Megyn, with all due respect, we have to take a stand when it comes to racism, discrimination, corruption, public lies, dictatorship, and human rights. And when he’s [Donald Trump is] speaking — when he’s expressing…those really dangerous words, we have to confront them.”


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