An Open Letter to Sean Hannity and his Ilk

For those Sean Hannity types out there, don’t you dare start putting the blame for a Trump loss anywhere else besides yourselves for being a Donald Trump slappy.

And here is why.

We tried to warn you about Donald Trump, early on.

We warned you he was a fraud – you said you didn’t care.

We warned you he wouldn’t fund his own campaign like he promised – you didn’t believe us.

We warned you he was a vulgar immoral man with many character flaws – you said nobody is perfect.

We warned you he is a pathological liar who doesn’t even know when he lies – you said all politicians lie.

We warned you he won’t release his tax returns because he most likely is not as rich as he claims (perhaps why he isn’t funding his own campaign like he promised?) – you said no, no it is because the IRS is auditing him.

We warned you the media was propping him up in the primaries and that once he got the nomination the media would turn on him and open the floodgates with stories of all his lies, his crooked business dealings, lawsuits, his lack of knowledge, his lack of answering questions, naked pictures and on and on – you said no, that will never happen.

We warned you that he gave money to and was friends with the Clintons and that he and Bill talked on the phone right before he ran for president – you said, oh they were discussing their golf swings.

We warned you that when he slandered almost every one of his competitors that it was a character flaw that was not good in a candidate. We said it will come back to bite you – you just looked the other way.

We warned you that he was just using the Bible as a crutch and that he doesn’t even know how to pronounce the books of the Bible – you said oh he is a baby Christian and just doesn’t know how to speak the language yet.

We warned you that if Donald Trump was the nominee he would go on to lose badly to Hillary Clinton – you said the polls are all wrong.

We warned you that Donald Trump just says whatever is on the top of his head and that would be a disaster as president of the United States – you said oh it is so refreshing to hear him say unconventional things.

We warned you to let the delegates stop this train wreck at the convention, allow us to put someone in his place that actually wanted to win and at the very least allow us to vote on the power grabbing rules Trump jammed through – you replied by using thugs to threaten, intimidate and harass delegates, shutting off the mics, not allowing votes, and not following the convention rules.

There is more but I think you get the picture.


About the Author

Cecil Stinemetz
Cecil Stinemetz
Cecil Stinemetz moved from Kansas to Iowa in 2000. He volunteered with the Cruz campaign 2015/2016 and became National Delegate to Cleveland at the RNC Convention.

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