OPINION: In Defense of Defeating Hillary

As the election draws near, decision time arrives for Conservatives.  We have no candidate that is solidly or even remotely Conservative by our standards of that moniker.  The R behind someone’s name, if you look at the last ten years of voting records, has little to no correlation to a representative’s support of Conservative values, and, in fact, likely means they voted against these values.  That is our fault for trusting the party to vet candidates and the validity of the label.  We’ve done a poor job of watching voting records and ousting turncoats at the ballot box.   We’ve been even worse about supporting capable, if sometimes less telegenic, opponents.  

For this Presidential election, we must honestly assess our given choices.  Upsetting as it may be, we can’t have what we wish we could.  We must choose what could make possible a change in the coming years to turn this our country around.  We’re angry.   We’ve patiently waited for nearly 8 years to oust Obama and begin breathing normally again.  We’re simply not going to get the chance to return to normal right away.  That’s the hard reality.  It’s a result of media manipulation of the primary and election process.  We must recognize that now in order to fix it for the next election.  We must also recognize the clear path forward to prevent further decline of this great nation – a defeat of Hillary Clinton.

Realistically, here’s what we are up against.  Clinton has the mass media on her side.  She has foreign money on her side.  She has Chicago-style machine politics on her side.  She’ll have dead people voting for her alongside ineligible voters, and those two groups may vote more than once.  She wrote her Master’s thesis on using Saul Alinsky’s tactics to take down America from within its government – something no one has mentioned in this election cycle, yet this is a lifelong goal she is about to realize.  She has a trail of dead people who had the misfortune of rubbing up against her in one way or another and have died either on their way to testify against her or Bill or under circumstances that meant that risk of testimony would never surface.  

She’s lied to the American public about the circumstances of Ambassador Steven’s death and the deaths of the men at Benghazi, dismissing his death with an air of disgust and a “what difference does it make” comment.  

She began her service at the State Department using a personal email account people on her staff and the President of the United States used to communicate with her, from day one, without a single raised eyebrow.  She’s taken a hammer to 13 cell phones and employed digital bleaching of hard drives in an attempt to hide her tracks.  And while Congress could not digest the 1,000+ pages of Obamacare before they voted on it, we’re expected to believe the Justice Department will come to the aid of the FBI they are criticizing to more quickly search Anthony Weiner’s 650,000 emails to render a decision of “nothing to see here” – likely by this Friday, and certainly with the aid of Clinton associates in the Department of Justice.   

Hillary wrote the original framework of Obamacare, which was the defeated Hillarycare package,  and she’ll double down on Obamacare to put pressure on the present system of insurance so it collapses and she may usher in the system Socialists really want – a single payer government-controlled system.  Then her Eugenicist friends like Zeke Emanuel (brother of Chicago Mayor and former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel) who was involved in Obamacare’s development, may put in practice his system of culling the American population based on a person’s usefulness to society.  If that sounds like Nazi Germany, it should.  Hitler was also a Eugenicist and fond of Francis Galton’s book Eugenics. Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger also liked the book Eugenics.  (Galton was Darwin’s cousin.)  

While I failed to mention her theft of disaster aid intended for the people of Haiti, I have too little space for all her exploits.  You should at least have a clear picture of the evil that is Hillary Clinton without the additional detail that is more than readily available with a quick search of the internet.   

The alternative, simply put, is not Hillary.  Hillary has a high probability of destroying our country by doubling down on policies that have punished Americans and their allies.  She’s been instrumental in making the world less stable by giving ISIS room to grow its caliphate and Putin an opportunity to use Stalinist tactics to seize Crimea from Ukraine and roll his troops into Syria.  Her lack of respect for the rule of law is clear from her history of ignoring it and subverting it when it does not suit her agenda.  Her pattern of behavior with the general public is that of a pathological liar.  

I had entertained supporting Gary Johnson as a path to implementing many Conservative ideas while holding my nose about his socially liberal party platform.  My honest assessment, just a week before the General Election, is this: if pot-smoking liberals, pro-pot Millennials, and Bernie supporters are still unaware of Johnson, his bid for the White House is nothing more than a pipedream. My support of him would be wasted.

So I am left with this hard reality.  I will vote for Trump despite my belief that he has all the hallmarks of an ego-centric dictator.  It took a life-long Democrat to embody every caricatured negative trait that Democrats have tried for years to pin on Republicans.  Trump muddies the Republican brand by making it exactly what Democrats claimed it was.  Still, Trump is not Hillary. He has the possibility of taking us down.  She has the written plan to take us down and has been working to implement it incrementally since graduate school.  She has no regard for the Constitution, while Trump is simply unfamiliar with it.  I’ll choose possibility of failure over a guarantee of failure every time.  

In the meantime, I will work diligently to have a Convention of States to address term limits for judges and Congress, curtailing or elimination of Executive Orders, and many other reforms needed to return rule of law and power in this country to the People.  That is precisely why the Founders unanimously adopted George Mason’s Article V as a safety valve for the people to wrest control from a corrupt federal government.  Let’s use the tool these wise men gave us.  

I will also work to build a new party that truly represents Conservative values, knows how to communicate with the public in a manner that is effective, respectful, and perhaps has its own channels of communication that circumvent mainstream media’s control over our election process and a national conversation.   I know the first step in dismantling Obama’s agenda is assuring Hillary is defeated.  

A vote for Trump is the only vote that makes that possible.  It is also not my fault he’s Hillary’s opponent – that sin rests squarely on the media and the party for running the worst primary in the history of the party.  Sixty percent of our party voted against Trump and feel they have no voice for their values.  I could argue they haven’t had a voice for about 10 years, and that they are just now awakening to that reality.  

It’s time we reclaim our country and a Conservative voice.  Step One: Defeat Hillary.        


About the Author

Kevin Myers
Kevin Myers
Kevin Myers holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Texas A&M University and is a life-long Conservative making his home in Texas. @MyersKevinA

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