OPINION: Pulling Up the Stakes this Election Cycle and Shocking the Political Elites

A baby elephant’s handler trains it by placing a chain around its leg and staking the chain to the ground.  When the elephant pulls away, the chain tightens to remind him he is trapped.  The handler continues this practice until they feel they may remove the stake and still achieve compliance.  At that point, the elephant remembers that resistance is futile.  The animal remains where their handler leaves them, chain around the ankle, with no stake.  The elephant becomes compliant because of their memory that resistance if futile.

Republicans are very much like trained elephants.  For years we’ve pulled away from the stake to try to resist the candidates the Republican establishment provides.  With each tug, we’re told to be good supportive Republicans and vote for the candidate offered; we have no choice.  We’ve done this with George H.W. Bush in 1992, when it was obvious to anyone witnessing his run for office that his heart was not in it for the win.  We did it for the always effervescent Bob Dole in 1996, for John “I’m next” McCain in 2008, and for Mitt “The Mute” Romney in 2012.  Like the elephant, Republican voters are brainwashed into compliance, compelled to pull that lever,  draw that line, or punch the card to assure an R candidate is elected.

And what do we get when we comply?

We typically get a candidate who supports an agenda decidedly counter to what the R behind their name suggests they would support.

In many ways, it is no different than when I bought my first car, proud to support an American manufacturer, only to find the manufacturer quietly sold-out by installing a Japanese engine in my “American” car.  That’s when I learned labels work very well to deceive a well-trained population.  There’s a shame in being taken by such a con that often means we’re slow to change our paradigm and adjust our behavior, hoping that reality isn’t what we’ve just experienced.  It is, after all, embarrassing to admit when you’ve been taken by a con

Mark Levin recently expressed concern that Republicans will lose the Senate in this cycle.  If we look past the labels used to deceive us and look to voting records, the loss of the Senate happened at least four years ago.  We may no longer count the R behind someone’s name as an indication that they side with the Constitution. Instead, we should ignore labels and look for signs a candidate is espousing our beliefs with a clear understanding of Conservative tenets.  When we search for the Presidential candidate most likely to follow the Constitution, and broaden our search beyond the focused lens provided by a biased mass media, we find it surprising that people not invited to the national debate have solutions further to the Right than Trump and Clinton.  I think Conservatives can align with a candidate standing on this platform of ideas:

• Eliminate the Department of Education to return control to the local level.

• Simplify the tax code, eliminating loopholes.

• Use immediate spending cuts combined with a truly balanced budget.

• No tax increase and no deficit spending.

• Return to the idea that service in Congress means service with term limits.

• Adopt a regulatory and tax policy that reduces administrative burdens and creates incentives for growth.  This from an administration that recognizes it is the private sector, and not government, that creates jobs.

• Maintain a strong military whose chief aim is the defense of America.

Now consider that this candidate is an experienced executive who has tackled economic challenges with positive results, and you might look past other issues that may prompt an initial knee-jerk reaction.  (Remember, no candidate is perfect and Cruz is not available.)

The candidate I’m suggesting for consideration is Gary Johnson.

Contrast Johnson with Trump, who is neither proven in the political realm of governance, nor capable of saying honestly that he is an outsider since he is financier and supporter of all the elements of the establishment.  That behavior is not the hallmark of an outsider, but the brand of a lobbyist, pure and simple.  With a Populist like Trump, we have no idea what he believes.   He falls for anything he thinks will get him elected.

If Republicans can overcome their elephant-like brainwashing that suggests they must vote for Trump, and ignore deceptive R labels to expand their options, I think they will accomplish more of the Conservative agenda in the next four years than they would with Trump or Hillary.   Trump has already cast aside Conservative goals to adopt policies that appeal to an audience so desperate for change that they fail to define what the right change is.  They miss that they are repeating the  “hope and change” mistake made when the country elected Obama . . . and re-elected him!

Johnson will focus on repairing our economy, shrinking our government, and returning control to the people.  In four years Americans may elect a Constitutionalist like Cruz to complete the work Johnson’s platform has begun.  Four years of Gary Johnson will place America on a more Conservative path than four years of Trump or eight years of Clinton.

It is time we realize we’re not chained to the stake.  The elites on both sides only hope we don’t realize this before November.  Our numbers can produce a victory if we do what’s right instead of what we are told we must by the establishment’s mantra.

About the Author

Kevin Myers
Kevin Myers
Kevin Myers holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Texas A&M University and is a life-long Conservative making his home in Texas. @MyersKevinA

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