OPINION: The REAL Reason the Elites in Both Parties Hate Donald Trump

Republican frontrunner Donald J. Trump is back in the news again for saying we must put a temporary halt on Muslims coming into this country. The media is beside themselves. They are all lining up to bash Donald Trump!

But are they really upset about what he said or is there something much more troubling they are all afraid of?

The REAL reason they hate Trump is not because of the things he says but rather because of the things he is doing. You see if Donald Trump wins the nomination and the presidency he will have systematically upended a multi-BILLION dollar industry and the false narrative that they have been telling potential candidates for years.

Each election cycle, millions and millions of dollars is spent on campaigns all around the country. Hundreds and thousands of people work on those campaigns. From campaign managers, consultants, speechwriters, social media directors, doorknockers, security personnel, drivers, pilots, wardrobe folks, communication directors, spokesman, etc. etc.

If Trump wins, he threatens the livelihood of all these people because he will have shown that ANYBODY who knows how to use social media (Trump is a master on Twitter) can make noise and run for president. He is PROVING that you don’t need millions of dollars to run anymore if you are bold, brash, and take the message directly to the people.

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For years, the elitists from both parties have drilled into people’s minds that were thinking of running for higher office that they need a ton of money in order to do so. Donald Trump is a wealthy man but he is also very fiscally responsible. He has spent the LEAST amount of money getting his message out than most of the other candidates. The elites in both parties have been pushing this false narrative in order to protect the industry and of course their own pockets.

THAT is why they hate Donald Trump. It has NOTHING to do with the things he says.

With Liberty,

Josh Bernstein

TV Host, Political Analyst, & Commentator
National Spokesman for AMAC
Dir of Communications for TPC

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Josh Bernstein
Josh Bernstein
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