OPINION: Why Mark Meadows (NC-11) is the Absolute Best Choice for Speaker of the House

For all of the reasons Kevin McCarthy is wrong for the chair, Mark Meadows is absolutely right.

We have been watching DC very closely, and the leadership of the House of Representatives has proven to the American people that what we desire, declare and demand be damned. McCarthy is Boehner 2.0.

John Boehner has been under attack from conservative America for a long time. In fact, last November was a referendum on his career. In that election, we delivered up many new freshmen who promised to change leadership, yet didn’t do so when offered the opportunity by their first vote in Congress. Those who lied to us are experiencing their own issues in their districts with threats of challengers and continued disgruntled constituents.

But one man recently stood up to the vengeful all-powerful leadership. That one man has brought to bear the truth about Boehner and offered a no-confidence vote by promulgating the Vacate the Chair effort this summer.

That one man is Congressman Mark Meadows.

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When asked if he would run for Speaker, the humble Meadows states he has no intention or desire to run. But like leaders of ole, good and noble men rarely clamor to the front of the line. Considerate men say let someone else have that role, and now we have a choice.

We the People can let him know by way of phone calls and notes, tweets, emails or even the Pony Express that we have his back in this coming election.

General Washington did not ask to be President, in fact he asked, “what more must I do for my country?”

Let’s let Rep. Meadows know that THIS is what more must be done. We resist the proud, and exalt the humble. We say NO to McCarthy, and instead YES to a man of integrity.

This campaign effort is a two-part process:

1. Call his office: (202) 225-6401 Tell whomever answers that we are asking for Congressman Meadows to consider the Chair. Tell them that we know it is his Christian response to remain humble and claim he doesn’t want the Chair. But also tell them that we are drafting him because he is needed for such a time as this.

2. Call your Congressperson: (202) 224-3121 switchboard
Tell your representative to get on board with supporting the man behind the Vacate the Chair effort. To either nominate/second/or vote for Representative Meadows and shift the powers in Congress!

3. Start blast tweeting the #Meadows4Speaker hashtag, and let’s get this ball rolling!!

They are holding meetings to strategize, but it is extremely important that they know where we stand!

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I’ve seen Trey Gowdy being floated out there, but Allen West reports that Gowdy isn’t interested in serving another term in Congress, so a new speaker for only twelve months seems like a waste of an opportunity to really make serious changes in DC!

Make those calls now! The vote is scheduled for October 8. They need to hear from us YESTERDAY!!!

h/t Breitbart & Matthew Boyle

*Vacate the Chair Motion

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