Oregon Standoff Ends in Tyranny and Death; What Should Happen Next? [VIDEO]


The Oregon Standoff has ended — not peacefully as we had all hoped — but instead with one dead, LaVoy Finicum, a northern Arizona rancher who ironically authored the novel, Only by Blood and Suffering: Regaining Lost Freedom.

Additionally, one was wounded in the FBI ambush and there were several arrests, including Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Ryan Payne, Brain Cavalier, Shawna Cox, Joseph O’Shaunessey, John Ritzheimer, and Pete Santilli, an investigative journalist.

Tragically, LaVoy Finicum was killed by Obama agents one day before his birthday. He was a family man, married with 11 children.

Every one of these militia members is a victim in this case, along with Oregon ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond.

They are the victims because they had the guts to stand up to an ever-increasing totalitarian federal government led by the tyrant in the White House.

I have PROVEN without a shadow of a doubt on past shows that The Obama Bureau of Land Management and the Fish and Wildlife Services of Oregon (FWS) are nothing but a bunch of communist savages preying on western ranchers by making it almost impossible to tend their land, feed their livestock, and cultivate their crops. The BLM and FWS must be investigated.

The Obama BLM and Oregon FWS must be investigated, defunded, and then prosecuted for what they have done. I go very IN-DEPTH into this story and give you my really raw and honest assessment of the situation.


Donald Trump has decided to skip the last FOX News debate from Des Moines, Iowa before the Iowa Caucuses. Will it hurt his campaign and chances in the Hawkeye State or actually help him?

I give you my assessment on this week’s program (WATCH ABOVE).

And finally, Admiral James “ACE” Lyons joined me to discuss the 10 sailors who were taken hostage by Iran a few weeks ago. He has some interesting thoughts that you won’t hear anyplace else. Admiral Lyons is one of the most admired, respected, and decorated military veterans still alive today. At 88-years-old, he is sharp as a tack and always gives his no holds barred opinion on the most important military issues we face.

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Josh Bernstein
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Josh Bernstein
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