After OSU Islamic Terrorist Attack, Obama Did What He Always Does: Defends Islam

If there’s one constant in this world, it’s this. After a terrorist attack by a Muslim, especially if it happens here in America. Barack Obama will defend Islam, warning Americans against demonizing an entire religion because of the actions of someone. It doesn’t matter to him that the action was an act of terrorism.

Heck, Obama can rarely even bring himself to utter those words when it comes to Islamic terrorism. It doesn’t even matter if the person writes posts, as did the Ohio State University terrorist, a Somali refugee singing the praises of radical imams, complaining about the “treatment of Muslims worldwide,” or lambasting America in the name of Muslims.

No. Facts don’t matter when to Obama when it comes to Islamic terrorism. He’d rather whitewash the attack as unrelated and “warn Americans” against blaming an entire religion.

That’s precisely what Obama did through his mouthpiece, Josh Earnest, on Tuesday.

“Our response to this situation matters. If we respond to this situation by casting aspersions on millions of people that adhere to a particular religion or if we increase our suspicion of people who practice a particular religion, we are more likely going to contribute to acts of violence than we are to prevent them.”

So, let me get this straight. When a Muslim commits an act of terrorism in the name of Allah, Obama warns against blaming the religion of his youth, Islam. But, when someone commits an act of violence and chooses a gun as their weapon, then Obama pushes for “common sense” gun control because disarming law abiding Americans will make them more safe from terrorists and criminals…or something.

How many more days until this guy is out of office?


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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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