OSU Professor: If Not for Terrorist’s Car Hitting Concrete Planter, 40-50 People Would Have Been Mowed Down [VIDEO]

On Monday, an Islamic terrorist, a Muslim refugee from Somalia, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, reading out of the ISIS playbook, used his car and a butcher’s knife as a weapon of mass destruction to bring terror to Ohio State University.

Professor William Clark of Ohio State University, who was hit, but not killed, by the car driven by the terrorist, spoke about his scary experience and said that if it weren’t for the car, fortunately, being stopped by a concrete planter, dozens of people could have been killed.

“As I was walking I suddenly heard a shout and then this tremendous crash,” Professor Clark explained. “And it was a silver car — the perpetrator’s car — that had mounted the curb a large — well you saw them probably — one of those large concrete planters on the curb bounced off.”

“And that did enough damage to stop the car and as it was stopping it — I assumed because I really didn’t see it — it clipped the back of my right leg and basically flipped me up in the air and I landed on concrete, which at my age is not what you want to do,” he said.

Professor Clark went on to explain that he and some others were able to escape to a nearby building and that almost immediately he heard three shots fired by the heroic police officer who took out the radical Islamic terrorist with an amazingly quick response.

But if it weren’t for the car running into the concrete planter on the curb, damaging the car to such a degree that it was undrivable, Professor Clark contends that 40-50 people could have been mowed down because there were a lot of people at the location due to what he said was an unrelated fire alarm.

“It’s just unfortunate that because of this completely unrelated fire alarm, there were a lot of people out there. It was also, in my view, very fortunate that he hit this big concrete planter because if that had not been there, and he would have ridden up on the curb, he would have plowed into 40-50 people.” 

Thankfully, the Muslim madman was stopped by the planter and the terrorist attack didn’t turn out to be like the one in Nice, France, where 86 (10 were children and teenagers) were murdered, mowed down by a weaponized automobile, and a total of 303 people were taken to the hospital. The Nice terrorist attack was the fourth time that a vehicle had been used as a weapon of terror in France.

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Thankfully, only 11 people were injured in the Ohio State University attack. If not for a planter and a good guy with a gun, it would have been a lot worse.


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