OUTRAGE: Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Replacement Reveals a New Word to Describe Illegals

Like him or hate him, Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio was tough on illegal immigration, despite the anti-American open borders policies of the Obama regime who he was constantly at odds with. And as everyone who lives in Arizona knows, the border state has a huge problem will foreign invaders entering the United States illegally, disrespecting our laws and our values and overloading our social programs at the cost of the American taxpayers.

Yet the newly elected replacement for Arpaio, the proverbial “new sheriff in town,” is flipping Arpaio’s tough stance on enforcing existing immigration laws, and like the progressive leftist Democrat that he is, George Soros puppet Paul Penzone is using language to tell illegal aliens, “Come on in.”

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Even worse than your typical open borders type, who redefined the word “illegal alien” to “undocumented immigrant,” (which makes them sound like a legal “immigrant” — “Everything’s cool here folks except a little paperwork” is the message.) Paul Penzone is calling illegals “guests.”

George Orwell eat your heart out!

In an interview with ABC-15 in Phoenix, Paul Penzone rolled out the new term (story continues following video):

“We really need to work with the guests who are here in our nation and are pursuing citizenship,” Penzone told ABC 15, introducing his new Orwellian vocabulary. “And separate that from those who are committing crimes and make sure that we are just a caring community that is serious about public safety.”

Awe…hell no! Look up the word, “guest,” Paul Penzone and stop changing the meaning of words. Up doesn’t mean down and left doesn’t mean right and a “guest” is someone who has been invited to join you. Who invited them in? Who invited them to enter our country illegally and ignoring our laws? Who?

And the so-called “guests” have already broken the law, Penzone. They broke immigration laws!

It should come as no surprise that Penzone is bought and paid for by progressive madman, billionaire one-worlder George Soros, whose money is behind virtually every anti-American communist front group in America and who funded the riots that burned cities like Ferguson, MO, and Baltimore, MD.

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As we reported three days before the Nov. 7, election, $2 million of the $2.9 million Penzone raised to defeat Sheriff Joe Arpaio, nicknamed “America’s toughest sheriff,” was from evil George Soros and other big-moneyed leftists.

Does anyone in their right mind think that Paul Penzone would have been elected sheriff of one of the biggest counties in America — in ARIZONA — if he had campaigned calling illegals, “guests?”

Penzone’s redefinition of terms should be condemned in the strongest manner. It must be rejected as a bastardization of the English language and described for what it is — spitting in the face of Arizona and U.S. citizens, including immigrants who came to America the old-fashioned way — LEGALLY.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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